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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me or something if you want to request for the original photos.


Okay, to all my friends, THANK YOU for putting up with me.

To the shak/fortress bois: Arvin, Caloy, Dan(and ate Dadang), Dick, Fluffy, Fredkalbo, Fred Teng, Fritz, Garr, Ian, Jake, Joma, Kei, Kim, Lance, Palma Brothers, Pork, Sj(and your brother), and all the others whose names I have inadvertantly forgotten. May the coke always pour, the noodles always be hot(except for me), the log always be filled and if we need to go CRAZY there’s always FARVIEW(sorry Kei)!!!

To the Gspot bois, Albert, Andre, Carlo, Enzo, Gino and Jimmy. I will trap you guys, ingat ingat… May the game remain, may the pizza keep getting delivered, may the tarots keep hitting true.

To the jocks. I pray for all of you to keep healthy the next year. Hiccups at most(since it’ll be really funny on-air). HAHAHAHAHAHA!

To the radio1s, don’t lose your love for radio. And to the graduates, this is only the beginning, make us all proud.

To the rushers. Agahan niyo naman sa booth!!! Ano ba yan?!! Ako nalang palagi magisa sa booth!!! Palagi nalang… huhuhuhu!!!

To the community peeps. Ayun, gisingin niyo naman ako!!! LOL!!! Kidding! I love you guys! Sana mas malala pa ang mga magagawa natin sa 2009.

And to Kiti, this is crazy and it’s cool. How many days has it been? My newest friend. Good luck.

Okay, again with the disclaimer. I’m not saying that I’m a pro. ACTUAL pros gave me these tips. I might as well impart them on whoever wants them.

Slides are “safer” in that people can’t just grab them off your website. They actually need a very specific program/add-on to do so. And if you end up catching them then it actually proves that they REALLY wanted to grab your photos in the first place.

Of course the safest thing to do would be to NOT POST your photos. BUT, I want to share my photos without the chance that people will infringe on my rights.

Anyways, keep shooting!!!

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me if you want to request for a photo or something.

I don’t know these people but I DO know that nobody DESERVES to be treated this way. I also KNOW that nobody DESERVES to walk away from what they did to this family. Holding public office doesn’t mean you can walk away from beating up DEFENSELESS people. You should be JAILED, sir. I say sir in the most sarcastic way possible.

There is justice in this world and injustice as well. Here’s proof of the injustice HERE.

I know I may not be doing much but other than sending my heart out to this family I’ve done all I can. I just pray that others have the capacity to do MORE than I have.

Another great Concert Series. This time with the OPM new artist for the year 2008. I really loved their set with Buses and Trains and Emily(which is the song from Paraluman I LOVE) as their last song.

The photos aren’t going to be posted yet as they are undergoing post processing. Check back here in a day or two so you can link up to where the photos will be hosted. Oh yeah, if any member of the band is reading this, please message me on facebook or something so you can get the original photos.


Stole this from Steph

prelude: just the basics
1. name – TReiz
2. age – 23
3. birthday – January 16
4. today’s date – Dec 29
5. school – Life

chapter one: your past
1. where were you born – Cardinal Santos
2. who did you like in 1st grade – no one
3. where was your first school – Twinkle stars
4. who was your first girlfriend – URRR
5. who was your first best friend – HUH?
6. what was your first word – eat
7. who was the last friend you fought with – Um, si Fred
8. what was the last thing you bought – food
9. what was the last thing you regret – not taking a chance

chapter two: your present
1. what are you wearing – House clothes
2. what are you watching – nothing
3. what are you listening to – The morning rush
4. what are you eating – Nothing right now
5. what are you drinking – Nothing right now
6. what are you doing today – stuff
7. how does your hair look right now – Nice and short after MONTHS of long
8. are you talking to anyone right now – Nah
9. who was the last person you talked to – Older brother

chapter three: your future
1. do you plan to go to college – went, didn’t like it, stopped
2. where do you want to go – Anywhere with a good photography course
3. what do you want to be when you grow up – A pro photographer
4. do you want to get married – I think
5. do you want to have children – yep.
6. what would you name your children – Any of the following Alfred, Richard, Bruce. Selina, Barbara, Cassandra.
7. do you want to be like your parents – er, no
8. what age do you want to have sex – any time i’m hitched
9. what’s the next school you will be attending – UP hopefully
10. what are you doing next friday? – ROOOOCK BAAAAAND!!!

chapter four: favorites
1. color – Gray
2. food – MEAT
3. song – right now, kiss the girl
4. movie – Star Wars
5. actress – Julia Stiles
6. actor – Huh?
7. singer – ne-yo
8. band – lifehouse
9. store – Filbar’s and Fortress
10. website – multiply, wordpress, facebook
11. cartoon – simpsons

chapter five: this or that
1. blue/green – Green
2. plaid/striped – Striped (makes me look thinner)
3. polka dotted/glittery – Polka dotted pajamas
4. 50 cent/eminem – Eminem
5. cell phone/fax – cell phone.
6. printer/scanner – Scanner
7. digital camera/camera phone – DSLR
8. sprite/fanta – sprite
9. shorts/capris – cargo shorts.
10. skirt/shorts – Shorts. DUH
11. adidas/converse – Adidas
12. bologna/salami -Salami
13. my chemical romance/matchbook romance – MCR

chapter six: the opposite sex
1. what color hair – Black
2. what color eyes – Gray/Black
3. short or tall – Tall
4. what sports should he/she play – Basketball and Foozball
5. do you want her to be popular –  Doesn’t matter
6. does her religion matter to you – yeah
7. do you care if she’s rich or not – nope.
8. piercings or tattoos – I’m fine with both in moderation

chapter seven: school life
1. what school are you currently in – Life
2. what grade are you in – I dunno
3. do you like your school – whuh?
4. how many students are in your school – everyone alive
5. what are you doing at school at noon – eating.
6. where did you go to kindergarten – Twinkle stars
7. what was the name of your third grade teacher – HUH>
8. do you get in trouble at school – HELL YEAH
9. are you a loser at school – I dunno
10. are you well known – I don’t think so
11. do you get good grades – I hope so
12. do you write notes during class – NO

chapter eight: friends
1. who are your best friends – I don’t know
2. have you ever hid something from a friend – Yes.
3. have you ever lied to a friend – Yes
4. who are some of your other friends – The truth is out there
5. who is the craziest – Tikoy
6. who is the cutest – UH…
7. who is the loudest – Yan
8. who is the tallest – Joshua
9. who is the shortest – Caramel, Bianca
10. who is the most athletic – Jimmy or Tikoy
11. who is the most honest – I dunno
12. who do you have the most fun with – Gspot bois
13. who do you have the most inside jokes with – I dunno

I now wait for revenge. I trapped THE Gino Quillamor today. AHAHAHAHA!

Top10 signs that you’re a geek.
You will fight for your favorite character to the death.
With the follow up “Proof, Iron Man sucks!”

And Gino falls into my trap simply by saying “Heeeeyyyyyyyyy!”


And I have received one of the best compliments EVER.

*Addendum 1* I TRAPPED CHICO!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m Loving it!!! For the record Chico, you told me which comics you had once. Now you’ve gone and said it on air. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *end*

It’s funny that I got to “meet” someone thru multiply. She’s doesn’t strike me as someone who can be pigeonholed easily so I won’t bother describing her. Just that she does have thoughts that amaze me and leave it at that. I can’t begin to explain her thought processes especially since I can’t figure them out. Hehe, coming from a guy who supposedly “reads” people well, this is frustrating. I can normally understand a person’s thought processes after seeing how they write but this time I’m stumped. So I will simply laugh this off. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, if you’re reading this and wondering if this is you then I will give a few clues. Ancient Chinese, Star Wars, Too much time on my hands.

As in RAW format. Not IN the RAW. Dirty dirty person!

So this is the first of my “Pro tips” entries. Not saying that I’m a pro photographer but I call them Pro tips because I got these tips from REAL professionals.

Okay, so why do I bother with RAW? I’ll admit that it’s just so much easier to play with white balance AND levels using RAW than on JPEG. I don’t do much Photoshop so this makes my life easier. I don’t “edit” my photos via masking or with some of the tools with the exception of red-eye correction and sometimes(if requested), the spot healing tool.

RAW provides me with the confidence to just keep shooting without having to bother about white balance. I only have to worry about the shot. It also gives me the confidence that my shot was taken with the HIGHEST possible quality so that all my photos can come out at their best.