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Monthly Archives: November 2009

If I am – Nine Days
Music and Lyrics HERE

Sober – Jennifer Paige
Music and Lyrics HERE

Live like we’re dying – The Script
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I owe it to my college history professor.

He always asked the most interesting questions. Sometimes he would ask us the question we were too afraid to ask him.

“Why do we need to study history if our courses are literature or engineering or whatever?”

His explanation was simple, “to know the future we must know the past.”
Literature is a mirror, a window if you will, to our past  and one of the ways we can communicate to the future.

I’ll never forget him.

Maybe someday I’ll write something worthy to be studied.
For now, it’s a pipe dream.

But I don’t care.
Thank you, sir Dery.

This was a great buy. No doubt.

Batwoman’s origin story has so far been as amazing as I could have imagined.

Once again, I’m blown away by how HUMAN the story is.
I’m amazed at how it reminds me so much of what I went through in college.

In the end, it makes me happy because it’s REAL.

But it’s only two more issues to go.

The art is keeping it afloat but there’s not much else.

What’s pissing me off is that it only picked up at the end of this issue and even then there wasn’t much  For a comic about being proactive it feels a bit impotent.

A lot of talk, and talk, and talk.

I do not like what they did to one of my favorite characters.

<So here are the series that will stay on in my to buy list:>

Detective Comics
Secret Six
Secret Warriors
Agents of Atlas

<These are the Mini-series I’ve got on my plate:>

Blackest Night
Cry for Justice
Black Widow
World’s Finest

Went out. By myself.

Comic book run successful!!!

Would have eaten out had I not been alone.

The waitress is still kinda cute.

Had a stern talking to courtesy of elders.

All good.

Waiting for my rocket.

She has a skill I will never have, EVEN TO SAVE MY LIFE.

She can do art.
She can draw, paint, EVERYTHING.
She can do designs.

She has a great future ahead of her, in fashion design.
She does the work, she’ll get paid.

Trust me on that.

Some of my favorite comic book artists do prints.

I’m already collecting posters, prints are just an artsier version of my collecting.
So here’s a short list:

Adam Hughes
Alex Ross
Andy Kubert
Brian Bolland
James Jean
Jim Lee
Joe Kubert
Michael Turner

I’m at a loss for others…

Some of my favorite Magic: the Gathering cards are also prints.

Rebecca Guay art

lemme think some more…


Didn’t (forgot to) reserve:
JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #5 (OF 7) – admittedly, it’s been slow so I’m not holding my breath


Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Alex Ross

what happens when superheroes as a community go down the wrong path? What happens when there is no gold standard to look to and strive for? What happens when Superman leaves the world behind?

It’s a darker time, with darker heroes to match. Superman’s return throws everyone for a loop and sets off an apocalyptic chain of events. What happens is anyone’s guess.

Most people will get this simply for the art. Alex Ross’ art is not only beautiful but he also add SO MANY fanboy tributes that comic book fans will be left drooling.