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Okay, I got my first poster the other day and I’m really just waiting for a frame for it before I go and open it. I want my posters to be protected before I remove them from the box. So I wanted to check out the posters I REALLY wanted and maybe just list them out just in case anyone had them and would let me take a gander at them just so I can see if it’ll be worth it. Hehehe! Actually, I’d probably still buy the posters but I might as well get to see the product before I buy it since my obsessive compulsiveness will not allow me to put them in a position to be damaged.

So, here’s my CURRENT wish list.
The Sandman: Endless Nights Poster (Frank Quitely)
The Killing Joke Poster (Brian Bolland)
Batman #619 Heroes Poster (Jim Lee)
Batman #619 Villains Poster (Jim Lee)
Batman & Nightwing Poster (Jim Lee)
Crisis on Infinite Earths OVERSIZED Poster (George Perez & Alex Ross)
The Real Power of the DC Universe Poster (Adam Hughes) (August, 2009)

So I’m off to ask Filbar’s if they can procure any of these posters for me.