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One entry a day was fun but I admit to being burned out.

I also admit that I was beginning to wonder if the quality of the writing was suffering from forcing myself to write.

Basically it. I’ll just write when there’s the impulse and only if the quality is worth it.

you could always go to my tumblr if you’re bored.


Going out on a “date” later, watching rent. LOL

Then straight to the shak

Then shak until 4AM

Balloonfest tomorrow

prepare for pic spam

Edit: rent didn’t push through, dinner instead.

Parents are out

Sister is bitching

Gotta stay at home

Ah well

No comic run tonight

Tomorrow then

Edit: No comics. So tomorrow’s review will be for a “Guilt free TPB”

Ugh, it takes SIX issues for it to get interesting.
Oh the stupidity.

For something that was supposedly all about Action, this was fucking slow.
Irritating, how the shit hits the fan JUST BEFORE it ends.

Interior art: WOW

Recommendation: Go for the art. That’s it so far. The TPB? I dunno so far.

I spent most of last night passed out on my bed and woke up at around 2AM to news I didn’t expect.

JD Salinger dead at 91. Dude was 91 so welp, it was all good. I dunno though, sorta expected the old coot to live ’til he was 130 or some such as punishment for shunning the world so much. HAHAHAHAHA!

So, later today, I may have a comic run and I may have a night out with buddies. In a friend’s house.

No RX thanksgiving party for me sad to say. All good, all good. Too many people in those parties, not all of whom I like.

So, I might be having another sausage fest thing again. Anyone interested?

Well, MHFU night with the buds.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.



Yellow Cab pizza and good company, I’m such a simple idiot to please.

Birthday party later. Hanging out with friends and what not.

Enjoyable times is imminent.

I can now actually say I have quarter life crisis.

Honestly, WHAT am I doing with my life?

Watching Sherlock Holmes tonight.

Comic book run hopefully.

I missed this.


Sherlock Holmes, FUNNY AS HELL. I slept during some parts though, I was SNORING. Ugh.

Comics postponed to tomorrow.

When people trust you enough to tell you the truth of the matter, it sucks.

How do you react when someone tells you that she doesn’t really like her boyfriend all that much?
How do you react when someone rants to you but it doesn’t make any sense?
How do you react when you see some asswipe just run her mouth thinking that the whole world is hers.

I have only one reaction to give now.


I have to say, the enjoyment I get from listening has no comparison to the irritation I feel when I hear your name on air.

Your pride and how you see yourself is a shame.
You make me sick.

Oh, and backstabbing? PLEASE
You’re worse than a whore sometimes. You don’t even do it for the money, you do it for something more fleeting.

Queen of shit and fail.

Not something I plan to do every year but I may get around to it.
As the year and decade begin to wind down I’ll start talking about some of the biggest things I’ve had to chew about for the past decade.

It’s been a pretty wild ride and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a lot of shit to say.