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Came from a gunbang yesterday. Great experience, I want to do it regularly now. I got owned big time, really couldn’t bend so my profile was HUGE. I need knee supports/pads. Also, my knee had a bout of stiffness and I had a close encounter with Burr splinters I wouldn’t want to repeat, LESSON ONE, DO NOT FORGET TO WEAR YOUR GLOVES.

I REALLY want to buy my own airsoft gun now. LULz!
Anyways, it’ll cost me about 5,000Php to get started, 3,500Php for a China Gun, 1,500Php for a Face mask, Gloves and Knee supports/pads. I guess that would really work. I’m buying a gun that isn’t gonna need many peripherals anyway so I’m saving money in the end too. Not a bad idea.