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You’re surrounded by SIX zombies. You’re about to get out of the convenience store by way of the door when OH SHIT! the door’s LOCKED!!!

You go for the kill with the baseball bat when suddenly OH SHIT! it breaks, leaving you defenseless.

You end up with the keys to the truck and you have a chance to give the keys to a fellow hero so he can run and fill the car up. You say you’ll be fine, what could happen, right? When OH SHIT! you get cornered and killed, holding back your team’s chances at victory.

There are MANY more. Why don’t you come over and play with the guys and maybe we can see what happens?


I just bought my own Last Night on Earth board game.

What is Last Night on Earth? Okay, think of the CHEESIEST, CORNIEST, most B-Movie type zombie flick you have EVER seen. Make it even more over the top and turn it into a board game. THAT is Last Night on Earth.

It’s a great board game to play. The mechanics are solid and the flow is really fun and fast paced. Games shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half to complete. I’ll be making an in-depth review of the game once I’ve played my third game with it. I’ve only played it once before and it didn’t belong to me so I don’t have the whole story yet.

But I’m loving the new purchase and I can’t wait to try it out.