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That’s what a good buddy of mine says.
With TWO hands.

Don’t kid yourself thinking that one hand will be enough.

One hand holding the heft of the lens, one hand on the trigger.
Hold the camera close to your body to keep it steady.
Keep your arms in. Hold it steady.

Breath in, shoot, breath out.


All I have to say, anyone who can say that it’s on a “base-to-base cases” whenever it comes to physical shite, dig up painful stuff because it’ll be a lesson for other people and who’ll go mushy as hell when everyone’s going hella serious is bad-ass. STRAIGHT UP.

Hell yeah man. You tell it like it is while making it fun as heck! Until next time.

Edit: And you didn’t talk much, unlike… well… alam mo na…

I got great friends. The type of friends who aren’t afraid to tell you the TRUTH you NEED to hear. The type of friend who’ll smack you upside the head when what you’re doing is wrong.

Crazy as it sounds these are my favorite friends, the friends I hold in the highest esteem.

Thanks for keeping me in check. Keeping me in control. And for two of you guys in particular, helping me let go.

Listen first. The third person view may be what one needs.

How do I move when I stay and watch you
Will I stay here,

Or maybe I could go to you.
Maybe get close enough.
Maybe just watch.
Maybe I get to hold you someday.

I can only pray.

I was going through some facebook stuff when I saw a friend’s status update. It proudly exclaimed “—– is a lucky one”. What made me smile was that he KNEW it. I see some people with a great life. Great family, great friends, great job BUT they don’t know it. I’m not excluding myself from the discussion. I’m just as guilty of this. I sometimes keep looking for more when I’m doing fine with less. I yearn to satisfy my wanderlust when I’m in a great place right where I am. I’m only beginning to realize what great family and friends I have. I may not like them at times, but they’re great.

What makes me sad though is whenever I see some guy totally disregard what he has. Always trying to move on, trying to get better, trying to make money. Forgetting the treasures he has at home. Look around you man. You never know when you might lose it.

I should listen to my own advice. I should take the time, to stop and smell the flowers, maybe take pictures of them too.

Something a friend once told me is coming back to haunt me. He told me that I “tend to hold on to an ideal when it comes to the people you relate to”. Okay, so where does that leave me? I put people on a pedestal.

So what? Everyone puts other people on a pedestal. Funny, I know, that I obsess over something EVERYONE does but this blog is more of a self-examination than anything so it works out. Anyway, what I wanted to “study” was why it’s so easy for me to throw people off the pedestal.

You see, I noticed that in alot of the interpersonal relationships I get into as soon I get a gut feel that it’s going downhill I find it REALLY easy to disengage. Part of it is I’m always detached because I’m so cautious and try to never really get into a relationship for real.

So now that I’ve tried going all out I’ve primed myself for another round of hurt. Haha! I’m ready for it anyway.

So now what?

Okiedokie, I was talking with a friend yesterday about starting up on airsoft. I’ve been interested in playing for a pretty long time and it seems that now is the best time to start. With all the cheap electric airsoft guns from China available nowadays I can probably start up with less than ten thousand pesos.

Question is, do I really want to have another thing to get into? Do I really want to split my money further apart? Hmmm…

Okay, some friends had some realizations about me the past few days.

1. I’m a flirt and I don’t even know it.

2. I get ilang when I get attracted to someone, not even giving myself a shot. Any return of attention is viewed as NOTHING.

3. I am IMMENSELY glacial. Blame it on my intuition.

4. My intuition is hardcore.

I know it’s weird but that’s me. I’ve always been adept at relationships but NOT REALLY. I’ve always been able to wend myself through the complex workings of interpersonal connections yet I don’t really throw myself in. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the type of gutfeel I have. It’s hard to be positive when you’re a harbinger of doom who gets it right quite a bit of the time. I’ve always disengaged before the real pain has come and it’s never been my fault. Maybe I should start really working for something this time.

Any suggestions?