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I have an idea of how to do it.
I want people to bring something that will establish them not only as rushers but also their own person.

Basically going, “I’m a rusher but I’m also a >BLANK<”

In my case(this doesn’t mean that I’ll have my photo taken, I’m still a camphobe) it would be “I’m a rusher but I’m also a photographer.” or “I’m a rusher but I’m also a geek.” So what do YOU think?

My real hope is to get the photos on display somewhere and maybe have it as a photobook for Chico and Delle. Hehe, something for them to remember the rushers. I can dream, can’t I?


I already took the photos of Death of the endless already but I GOT GREEDY(as I am wont to do) and decided that I would take the entire family of the ENDLESS rather than to focus on one. God and Neil Gaiman help me.

So, I’m done with Death.
I’ve got a prospective model for the following:
Dream – got a poofy haired friend who is actually intense enough to pull it off
Desire – got a really handsome/beautiful friend for this
Delirium – my little sister, but if all else fails…

Which leaves me with Destiny and Despair. Kind of hard when I have to find an old caucasian man who I have to give contacts to and find a chubby, some would say obese, woman who isn’t self conscious enough to pose either half naked or naked.

Any suggestions?

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me if you want to request for a photo or something.

This sunday is stressing me out. I’ve got a PERSONAL shoot that day and HOPEFULLY everything comes together.

Thankfully I’ve got friends helping. Their opinions will really help.
I have the BEST possible model I could find.

But I admit that I still need help.
I need a Top Hat
I need Black Lipstick
I need to buy an Ankh Necklace (I now know where)

and I’m not too sure about the HMUA right now. But we will plod along!!!

Good luck to me then.