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Once again great great set from the band Paraluman and special guest Kean Cipriano of Callalily!

Woot! Lots of photos to go through! Anyway tune in to this space so I can hook you up with the photos.


Not REALLY a swan song. Just the last sentence incorporating all the words of the day in one sentence before Igi left RX.

The sentence I’m putting down here may not be the one I made up on the fly. I can’t remember.
“In his TENURE on Jumpstart, Igi joyfully LAMPOONED Fran’s crushes, but now he’s off to be an ENTREPRENEUR while PARRYING all attempts to get him to stay and now it’s time for him to be autonomous so TOODLE-OO buddy.”

Truly, someone whose boundless energy, among other great traits of note, I will miss. Go well, good luck, God bless.

Okay, tomorrow is going to be insane. Igi’s last day.

Tomorrow I say goodbye to one of my favorite DJs, period. First RX DJ to greet me on air. First RX DJ tandem(w/Fran) I ever visited. First show I ever won a prize from.

There are memories that I won’t forget any time soon. That afternoon when he brought Frodo the first time. Lifehouse concert. 2nd year Anniversary. Combined birthdays. Damn, too many.

It’s good to know that he’s ready for it. Of course he wouldn’t be leaving if he wasn’t, right? Good luck to him. I’m going to miss the craziness, the “Good AfTERNOON everybahdy!!!”, Crazy words of the Day, “Igi is always right” and of course, the Shia and Wenty wars.

So I say to you, buddy, good luck, God bless. Hope you can come back when the money doesn’t matter. Hope it’s soon, but if not, I’ll still be waiting.

Not much changes this week. Basically everything from last week and a few new things.

Pokerface by Lady Gaga and the other song by her whose title I can’t remember. Edit2: The title is Eh-eh, pronounced “ey-ey”.

Hmmmm, nothing much else really. Hmmm.

Edit: Interestingly, it looks like Taylor Swift is going back on top.

Starting this week, I’ll be coming out with the songs I’m loving per week. It’s not a countdown, these are just the songs I’m loving from the CURRENT playlist of RX 93.1 and these are the ones I either request for or look out for.

Love Story – Taylor Swift
Tabi – Paraluman
Change your mind – Boyce Avenue
Thinking of you – Katy Perry
Broken Strings – James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado
Di na mababawi – Sponge Cola
Dead and Gone – T.I. ft Justin Timberlake

Quick and simple list, there are alot of good songs but these are it right now, I might remember something else though. Edits might be in order.

Amazing AMAZING concert series with one of my favorite bands, Sandwich!

Hehehe!!! Noon-time medley of DOOM!!!

Photos, as usual are in post processing and will be uploaded once ready. Actually didn’t use my 50mm this time around, opting for my telephoto and my kit. Just wanted to compare results. Check back in a few days for photos. Didn’t take that many, listened more, took photos less.

EDIT: Photos are UP! Check them out HERE

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me or something if you want to request for the original photos.

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me if you want to request for a photo or something.

Another great Concert Series. This time with the OPM new artist for the year 2008. I really loved their set with Buses and Trains and Emily(which is the song from Paraluman I LOVE) as their last song.

The photos aren’t going to be posted yet as they are undergoing post processing. Check back here in a day or two so you can link up to where the photos will be hosted. Oh yeah, if any member of the band is reading this, please message me on facebook or something so you can get the original photos.


I was at the last Radio1 boardwork of Alpha, Meryll and Joey. I can’t help but feel sad and maybe a little(lot) apprehensive. It’s hard to feel bad about something that you just maybe shouldn’t feel bad about. Now I’m worried about how I’m going to feel about the other guys too. Every beginning has an end and each ending is just a new beginning, or so people say. Maybe I just want to delay the ending a little bit more.

Alpha will tell anyone how he got my number from the txtline and how I helped him to improve DAW(God knows I have NO idea how I helped him). That he was makulit because he was insecure about his lisp. What he doesn’t know is how I was honored from the start. What he doesn’t know is how much having another “little brother” really helped me to grow as a person. What he doesn’t know is how much meeting another interesting person helped broaden my horizons.

It’s hard to let go of the fact that on a day not even two years ago, I ONLY texted “Alpha, Alpha, Alpha!!!”, losing ONLY 2.50 Php and gained SO MUCH MORE than I could have bargained for. I know that this isn’t the end. It’s just past the beginning and I KNOW great things are coming.

And really, Alpha, you were somebody to begin with. I was just there for the ride. I should stop now before I do water damage to my computer.