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One entry a day was fun but I admit to being burned out.

I also admit that I was beginning to wonder if the quality of the writing was suffering from forcing myself to write.

Basically it. I’ll just write when there’s the impulse and only if the quality is worth it.

you could always go to my tumblr if you’re bored.


You hold a box, this is a magic box. It captures MOMENTS.

Think about that the next time you pick up a camera.

I don’t give a crap about how advanced your camera is.
I don’t care that it’s worth more than I’ll make in two years.

I start caring when you take great shots.

But let’s go back to moments. What I look for in a photo are captured moments.

Your technical knowledge is squat when you take meaningless photos.
Your extremely powerful camera is impotent.
All the pixels in the world can’t change that.

Slim Pickings, but I’ll be adding last week’s run to this one.



Drops of Jupiter – Train
Music and Lyrics HERE

Put your record on – Corinne Bailey Rae
Music and Lyrics HERE

Save me – Remy Zero
Lyrics HERE
Music HERE

Part 2: Basic Offense

First tip: Have a go-to move.

I don’t care if it’s:
a drop step, to high off glass lay up or a dunk
spin to the middle to a jump hook or teardrop
space create into step back/fade away jumper
face up, dribble, head fake, up and under

Have a go-to move.
Which center doesn’t have a go-to move right now?
Which center will NEVER get to take over a game?
Dwight Howard. Point made.

I suggest trying out the drop step first.
Basic offensive tool. Wanna see how click HERE

You’re a center, use your size.
Next installment, other offensive options.

Henri Cartier-Bresson – revered master of the “decisive moment”

My idol, plain and simple. Far too many of my favorite photographs are his.

I need to take photos of LIFE again. I seriously need to stop taking photos of stuff that’s going to be there later. I’m just going to end up frustrated again when the fountain runs dry.

I’m inspired by life.
Simple enough statement, but I’m also proud to say that while I may make a bug deal about capturing life, I know how to enjoy it as well.

I love thinking about the stories.
Taking it to the streets lets me do that.

I need to go back.
I need to reach out to HCB again.

Ugh, it takes SIX issues for it to get interesting.
Oh the stupidity.

For something that was supposedly all about Action, this was fucking slow.
Irritating, how the shit hits the fan JUST BEFORE it ends.

Interior art: WOW

Recommendation: Go for the art. That’s it so far. The TPB? I dunno so far.

Part 1: Position

Alliteration aside, an abomination in astounding amount.

There’s no need to wrangle like crazy for space.
Simple enough, get to your place and plant your ass there.
BEND your knees so he can’t push you out.
Plant your ass there and raise up your hand to get the ball.

You do your moves after. FIRST, get into POSITION.

Unafraid to say that I am more than willing to go ballistic on anyone.

I can go passive-aggressive, I can go berserker.
I am glad to say that I won’t be gay if you piss me off.

Sad to say, most people just go a different route.
Throwing words around because they think that everything is about them.
Sad to say, no.

I don’t even think they’d be willing to talk shit to my face.
All they’ve got is gossip anyway and that’s nothing. I can always kill them myself.

“If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

Haters are going to hate.

“I guess it was gonna happen eventually”

Tumblr made it on one of the newspapers here in Manila.

Granted, it said “Thumbs down to tumblr” but what the hey, right?

question: Who’s the queen of tumblr? WTF?

Decrying tumblarity is one thing, but saying, “Instead of posting what’s really on their mind, users have been polluting the web with posts that they deem readers will ‘like’ and ‘reblog’.” Is pure poo-doo.

I’m not saying the above statement isn’t true. Thing is, it begs the question, “Who the fuck have you been following?”

Meh, same answer/solution to the jologs “problem”, don’t follow them. I periodically unfollow people once they become too much/get on my nerves/ get boring and I would not mind if people did the same to me.

Ugh, follow INTERESTING people. Don’t just follow the people who follow you. It’s not an obligation. I don’t expect people to follow me back.