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That’s just messed up.

No matter what you can say about it, there’s no two ways about it.

I’ve got messed up family dynamics but I ain’t got nothing on the family here. I’m pretty sure unless you’re a family of mass murderers we don’t have a problem with that.

The conclusion of the Elegy storyline is crazy. I can’t explain these things.

Let’s just say the real identity of “Alice” is going to be a shock.


I want to learn how to write comic book scripts.

Honestly, it is something I want to learn. The ultimate ambition being to have a chance to write a one shot Batman/Joker special. Not something I want to post for two reasons. ONE, I ain’t that good yet. TWO, I don’t want anybody copying it up. LOL!

This is going to have to take a backseat though. Not forever, but still, I can only wish. I have to get better first. REALLY REALLY better. I have responsibilities to do.

At least I’m putting it on the back seat for a good reason. Which of YOUR ambitions had to go by the wayside and it was out of your control?

So I was tidying up my comics(easier said than done) and came across the DC Holiday Special for 2008. Me being me, I decided to reread it. Once again, the Batman part of the special(big surprise) really hit me as something special.

“A day without Sirens” chronicles exactly that. Let that sink in, a day without sirens, in Gotham. We’re talking about the city where the worst of the worst end up(NO, Bludhaven no longer counts in DC universe continuity, DO NOT pull that card on me) and fester. In the end, it may not have been “true” as Oracle simply had major Kryptonian-level help courtesy of Supergirl BUT what was important was the gift of hope that one day gave to the people of Gotham in general, Commissioner Gordon in particular.

My question now(this is something I’ve been doing for a few days now) is, what is one thing that you can sacrifice for ONE DAY that could have that effect? A Day without WHAT exactly?

Okay, as soon as “Battle for the Cowl” finishes there’s going to be a VERY important set of decisions for me to do. I’ll be streamlining my buy list as soon as the Batman series get restarted or reintroduced. This is entirely dependent on the release schedule of the various series. Hmmm, Batman and Detective comics are practically a given to begin with so I hope I can fix my options to see the best possible set up of buys. The fact that I’m getting back into Green Lantern and “Blackest Night” is starting up soon is not going to help.

I’ll give you an idea of what series I am currently buying.
Detective Comics
Green Lantern & Corps
Secret Six

I also buy the other Batman affiliated series sporadically. JLA and JSA when I feel like it. Superman rarely. Hmmm… I have to think about this since there are going to be eight Batman realted series after Battle for the Cowl wraps up. Six of the series are to be expected but two of them seem to be the “Gotham at the street level” type of series, which I also happen to like. So I’m gonna need a hella lot of discernment and thought for this.

Let’s see, Batman didn’t die in Batman R.I.P. ‘coz he’s in Final Crisis. Pretty obvious there. He actually “dies” in Final Crisis 6.

Okay, I admit, I kinda liked the whole “circular history” thing with Batman. The whole “his life as Batman started with a gun and cowardice and it ended with a gun and heroism” thing was a twist I expected from Grant Morrison anyway, knowing how much of a fanboy the man is. My only thing is that they really just HAD to come up with the whole deus ex machina in the form of the Omega Sanction which “traps the person hit in a series of alternate realities, each one worse than the last.” so I’m expecting that there’s going to be some series showing the alternate realities and Batman(Bruse Wayne)’s struggles in them. This also gives DC the same option with Bruce Wayne that they had with Barry Allen. Ah well, they don’t really have to die anyway, you don’t want to alienate fans.

So the fans await.