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Once again great great set from the band Paraluman and special guest Kean Cipriano of Callalily!

Woot! Lots of photos to go through! Anyway tune in to this space so I can hook you up with the photos.


Check ’em out here!!!

Amazing AMAZING concert series with one of my favorite bands, Sandwich!

Hehehe!!! Noon-time medley of DOOM!!!

Photos, as usual are in post processing and will be uploaded once ready. Actually didn’t use my 50mm this time around, opting for my telephoto and my kit. Just wanted to compare results. Check back in a few days for photos. Didn’t take that many, listened more, took photos less.

EDIT: Photos are UP! Check them out HERE

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me or something if you want to request for the original photos.

Feel free to check them out HERE.

Just message me if you want to request for a photo or something.

Another great Concert Series. This time with the OPM new artist for the year 2008. I really loved their set with Buses and Trains and Emily(which is the song from Paraluman I LOVE) as their last song.

The photos aren’t going to be posted yet as they are undergoing post processing. Check back here in a day or two so you can link up to where the photos will be hosted. Oh yeah, if any member of the band is reading this, please message me on facebook or something so you can get the original photos.


Ok, I’m STILL in awe. WOLFGANG on the Concert Series. It’s INSANE. LOL

I’m hoping my photos are “chosen” so I can’t post up everything. but the more fun ones will be posted up IN A SECRET PLACE. LOL

They were AMAZING!!! Crazy crazy gig. You had to be there.