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I hear so many “photogs” go around lusting for a new lens, new camera, new whatever.


Getting new things all the time is one of the STUPIDEST things a photographer can do.

Why? Here’s why.

You gain ZERO mastery over your equipment if you keep changing it. At right about the time that you’re getting good with something you end up having to learn something new. It’s the same as getting past the first semester of majors for a particular course then changing your primary focus to a different one. This is no way to learn anything.

It’s the basics, learn them, master them THEN you can try something new.

Stick with your kit lens or a 50mm prime until it begins to fail you. By “fail you” I don’t mean until it breaks, that’s what I do, but until it can’t do what you ask it to anymore. When the kit lens stops being telephoto enough or wide enough even with you moving around to change the composition then you can buy a new lens.

Your camera is another thing. Learn the idiosyncrasies your camera has. Learn to make good photos in spite of them then learn to make good photos BECAUSE of them. Learn the controls of your camera to the letter. Have a system, know your camera settings inside and out. Learn how to tweak your camera with your eyes closed, so that when you’re looking through the viewfinder tweaking won’t be an issue. When you’re already that good with your camera you may just rethink upgrading.


I used to have an idea about how relationships SHOULD be. I used to believe that your better half was the one who completed you, something about how each person was an angel with only one wing and the only time they could fly would be if they’re together. Alone, the person can’t fly. The person needs his/her other to be a true person.

This is a lie.

Straight up lie.

Before you can love someone or expect someone to love you you’re going to need to love yourself.
Someone else completing you is pure bull. YOU have to complete yourself.

I for one do not want to burden anyone else with my emotional baggage. Wouldn’t it be better if you were ready? Wouldn’t it be better if you could give yourself to your other without hang-ups, without hassles, without all of YOUR issues?

Fix yourself up before you move forward.

Some people are ACTUALLY helping, and other people are also acting like asshats.

First and foremost, DO NOT MAKE ANY KNOCKS on people who are actually DOING SOME GOOD AROUND HERE.

Secondly, just because some people are rich doesn’t mean that they have the means to cure all the other people’s ills by their money. Don’t expect them to move mountains, they’re only human.

It’s disparaging to see/hear about people who have nothing better to do going around posting negative comments on blogs or whatever when those bloggers are just trying to help.

Let’s see…

I get pissed at people with expensive cameras that STILL do not know how to hold the effin’ thing properly. Please, one hand UNDER the lens (to steady it, DUH), another with a firm grasp on the trigger assembly. Your fancy camera may be able to compensate whatever is lacking in your technique but what if it can’t? Don’t complain about blurry photos if you can’t hold the camera right. And don’t complain LOUDLY in a restaurant about how bad the photos of you 50D look at high ISOs like 3200, you set it on that ISO setting, DEAL WITH IT.

People should wait their turn. Sure, we took long eating and we LOOKED LIKE we were done and just didn’t want to leave but the truth of the matter is that we were simply waiting for the dessert that we ordered. Blame the kitchen and the servers if the dessert was late. We’re paying good money to eat here. Also, if you’re running your mouth off and posturing like you’re some kind of tough guy please TRY not to look like too much of a pussy when a guy who actually IS your size looks at you. Oh yeah, you should learn to judge size better, you might decide to avoid fights a bit faster without looking like such a coward.

Walking around the mall with no plans to buy anything is stupid, I’m just saying.

Greeks know how to have their steak, admittedly.

To quote R.J. Brande (Legion of Super Heroes), “Don’t give up, don’t EVER give up.”

I had an early morning chat with a friend earlier in the morning. It started with a discussion about cameras and we ended up talking about photography and photographers. I’m a guy with an opinion about all three of the topics we discussed but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So yeah, she wanted to get into lomography and she said was going to get started with a Holga 120CFN. I’ve got nothing wrong with the 120CFN since I also started with it but I also know that it’s very easy to outgrow the camera. I’m an unabashed fan of the Holga 120N because of the hotshoe. The hotshoe serves me so much more compared to the built-in flash of the CFN. The real draw of the N over the CFN for me is the option to use the fisheye lens attachment with a flash. Yes, I’m THAT shallow, I like using the fisheye with flash, especially in clubs and events. Using flash with the fisheye attachment on the CFN creates a gigantic shadow. A hotshoe also means that I can go strobist if I REALLY wanted to. In the end I just find that the N is far more versatile, but taking nothing from the CFN.

The discussion also touched onto what some of my friends like to call the “film mentality”. I’m what some techies call a late adapter, meaning I take to new tech far later than most, even if the tech were readily available to me. I was still using a discman until Christmas 2007, when I finally bought myself my own mp3 player. I had the same experience with the capture format for my photographs. I was still heavily using film up until the end of the first quarter of 2008, which is when I got my first DSLR. This mentality is simply about making the most of your shots. I’ll talk about film mentality at a later day.

The discussion shifted to how I felt a photographer was supposed to be. I feel strongly about how photographers should always be looking for the best shot they could take. I guess I was caught off guard when she sent an IM with the question, “what about paparazzi?” and I answered, “if they were photographers they would be called photographers. Paparazzi just do their job. It’s what puts food on their plate. A lot of photographers aren’t in it for the money; I suspect that some of the BEST, most artistic, photographers in the world don’t even show their work to people outside their family. I’m not saying that photographers shouldn’t make money, quite the opposite actually, I would LOVE to make money off of my photographs, just that one should never abuse another person’s rights.

I get that you’re fed up with whatever shit is in the biz. I get that you’re frustrated. I get that you’re harassed.

But would it kill you to ask for help?
Would it kill you to actually not order people around for once.
Would it kill you to actually acknowledge that you need help.

All you do is take everything onto yourself and take it out on other people. That’s not right.

By the way, next time you’re gonna ask me to do something with a DEADLINE tell me as soon as you can. Don’t get your assistant to do it the next day when there’s only one day left before the deadline. What do you think is going to go through my mind? That’s right, and knowing you, you did this on purpose. Maybe next time I’ll just say no, right?

You’re lucky that I have this blog that you don’t even bother to look at before you deride. If I didn’t get to let my thoughts out in a constructive, nonviolent manner I’d have thrown you of the third floor loft area.

You know what? You can just go and leave and whatever shit. You want to  know why you’re so mad at people and think that they’re abusing you just because you’re gay? Because you think that being gay is wrong. FUCK THAT, you keep saying that mom and dad were wrong to tell you that there’s something wrong with you because you were gay but it’s YOU that keeps bringing you down. Why do you think you’re so sensitive about your sexuality? ‘Coz YOU think what you’re doing is wrong. I just wish you were actually true to yourself for once. I never cared that you were gay, never have, never will. So please, if I don’t have a problem with it when will you say the same thing?

I’ve been bemoaning my lot in life when it comes to photography the past few years.

Being stuck at home alot was honestly depressing. So was being stuck in a job I didn’t REALLY like. I felt that this was putting a clamp on my growth as a photographer.

So yesterday, being stuck at home with all the rain and stuff, instead of complaining, I buckled down and COMMITTED to creating a good photo. I wasn’t going for great or anything. I just wanted to pour all of my emotion and whatever into a photo. The end result was one of the best photos I’ve ever made.

So yeah, next time you feel like complaining, why don’t you try to do something with it instead of huffing about. You might be surprised.

Okay. It’s going to be an interesting marriage when:

Both the groom AND bride do SENTAI poses with the Groom’s barkada.
The groom can’t dance but still tries. REALLY tries.

The bride laughs at the crazy photos the groom takes with his friends.

The groom goes against tradition because a marriage is the start of something new(how HSM).

The groom’s friends(who number TWO TABLES ONLY) out noise the rest of the guests COMBINED.
About half of the groom’s friends are photographers(from advanced amateur to professional).

The fun begins when the people leave.
The bride knows when to join in the fun.

There’s supposed to be a mini-EB today. Do I REALLY want to go? Do I want to see people I don’t REALLY want to see? Do the people I DO want to see outweigh the people I don’t.

Damn, this is confusing…
We shall see…

On a totally unrelated note, I REALLY missed RX so I went yesterday. I didn’t think I could miss it THAT much. 2 months. I’m kind of happy now. Haaaay, melancholy…

In the end, I learned alot. Not just about Law, but also about life.

I also learned that I have alot of stuff to update everyday.
Facebook, Multiply, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter. Not to mention the online forums I go to.

It’s not what he has that makes a man. It’s what he DOES with what he has that makes him who he is.