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Unafraid to say that I am more than willing to go ballistic on anyone.

I can go passive-aggressive, I can go berserker.
I am glad to say that I won’t be gay if you piss me off.

Sad to say, most people just go a different route.
Throwing words around because they think that everything is about them.
Sad to say, no.

I don’t even think they’d be willing to talk shit to my face.
All they’ve got is gossip anyway and that’s nothing. I can always kill them myself.

“If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

Haters are going to hate.


When people trust you enough to tell you the truth of the matter, it sucks.

How do you react when someone tells you that she doesn’t really like her boyfriend all that much?
How do you react when someone rants to you but it doesn’t make any sense?
How do you react when you see some asswipe just run her mouth thinking that the whole world is hers.

I have only one reaction to give now.


I have to say, the enjoyment I get from listening has no comparison to the irritation I feel when I hear your name on air.

Your pride and how you see yourself is a shame.
You make me sick.

Oh, and backstabbing? PLEASE
You’re worse than a whore sometimes. You don’t even do it for the money, you do it for something more fleeting.

Queen of shit and fail.

So I’m going to another convivence this weekend.

No more weekend then. I’m about to leave.

The hassle of the situation? I’m going with my PARENTS since they are my catechists…

Late Saturday/Sunday stuff. Cranky Sunday again.

Delay of photo posts.

Ah crap, PSP is my BEST friend…

Monster Hunter FTW!!!

There aren’t really many polite things that I can say about people who are trying a LITTLE too hard to be what they’re not. When I took photos for a concert I saw people who were really into their music and whatever, I also saw people who would be called posers by some of my friends.

The people who had the BEST performances were the people who just acted like themselves. You don’t need to go into a persona or whatnot so that people will like you. Most (MOST) people can smell bullshit a mile away. It also doesn’t help when you can’t even keep the illusion up. Deception isn’t worth it when you don’t have the ability to sustain it.

I’ve also gained knowledge about specific sets of people in the religious thing that I’m in. Some people take themselves a little too seriously, ending up as jackasses. Some people are REALLY into putting out something big but don’t really know how to. Some people aren’t really interested. Some people accept themselves and work with it. Some people do what they can and it’s perfect. Some people try too hard.

What about me? I sweat the small stuff too much. I’m not kidding; I’m into the dealing with the morals and the undercurrents. I didn’t really care about the concert because I knew it would mostly suck and it would amount to stealing money from people but seeing as I was obliged to go then I made the most of it.

P. S. A spiel is rarely cool, especially when the drama is a little too high. No offense (I love how “no offense” actually means that you mean offense), but you weren’t that good, AT ALL.

P. P. S. One MC is okay, two is the norm, and three is a bit much unless the chemistry works but more than four is just wrong…

P. P. P. S. Chanting out your little group’s name during an event where it’s supposedly under the main umbrella is tactless. I understand that you don’t know better but please…

Didn’t want to, obliged is the word.

Some people are trying too hard.

People who try too hard don’t show up on photos unless I have no choice.

I remember why I love concerts, while at the same time being more thankful for my bullcrap radar.

Photos are up.


What moves you?

What tells you where to go, what to do, what to think?

What is the fire behind you, the wind in your sails?

You strive for something because you need it? It burns in your soul?

My spark is dim, I’ve not truly found any reason for my art, or skill, or craft rather than as a lifeline, anything to grab on to keep me alive for one more day. Keeping myself busy is keeping myself alive.

It’s sort of sad and a waste that I’ve stopped taking care of myself. I could be better with effort, I could probably be in the best shape of my life if I tried, the question is in the trying.

I need inspiration, again.

Sheer idiocy at its best.

I honestly LOVE the art, probably the only reason I bought the mini-series in the first place. The story was never really there anyway so I didn’t really expect much.

Imagine super-heroes in the information age. For them it’s all about fame and exposure. These superheroes are as shallow as most of their generation and then you add the fact that they’re from Japan and you have the ensuing craziness guaranteed.

The ending was just about as implausible as the rest of the series, if you’re thinking of buying the TPB, don’t.

I’m more of an observer when it comes to this concert that I’m supposed to be a part of and I really don’t like what I see.

I don’t expect the best when amateurs perform BUT I do expect professionalism. I would LOVE for everyone to be not just the best that they can be but be professional as well.  Instead I find myself settling for a “good” show. I think that shows not planned out well simply amount to stealing money from people.

I think telling people “we’re not professionals” is the same as telling them that “it’s okay to mess up”. I’m glad to see people doing their best but putting large amounts of people together trying to go for a dream is better with realistic results.

Major gripes include people who are just using the event to feel important and people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing while just passing the buck off to other people so that blame doesn’t fall on them. The idea was never to get attention, it was to help. I’m pretty sure that I could find people who can do the job without having to parade everything they do to the world. I’m also sure that there are people who are more qualified to do these people’s jobs.

It doesn’t help that people who ARE professionals are expected to pitch in PRO BONO while also having to buy tickets to the event they’re helping with.

I really think that in the end, this concert may just be a big success but no one really learned anything. Especially in an environment that doesn’t TRULY expect the best.

Addendum: The reason people started saying “we’re not professionals” was because of a comment that I made when one of the organisers (none of which asked for my services, mind you) asked why I wasn’t taking photos of the practices and I answered that I wasn’t under any obligation to. Keep in mind that even until now I haven’t even been asked for my services. Why am I helping? A friend of mine who is in charge of the documentation committee will be out of town during the event proper and I took the initiative to volunteer to take over his duties. I instead find a group of “photographers” unwilling to meet and discuss to bring about tangible plans.

Addendum 2: I don’t like that the concert is becoming less important as the sponsors come in. I think that the focus should be the concert as I was led to believe that at the beginning. The growing sentiment I am now feeling is that the concert has taken the back seat and has now become more of an excuse to get sponsors rather than being in the front seat and drawing sponsors.

Another meeting for the concert. Another EPIC FAIL. Pardon the smash speak.

I don’t like how this is going. Passing the shit around is not gonna do anything.

Each committee is waiting for each other. Meaning no one is doing anything.

Btw, taking charge of the documentation since our leader will be leaving is something I have to do, the members other than the leader just don’t seem to care about it and NEVER show up.

Some people are ACTUALLY helping, and other people are also acting like asshats.

First and foremost, DO NOT MAKE ANY KNOCKS on people who are actually DOING SOME GOOD AROUND HERE.

Secondly, just because some people are rich doesn’t mean that they have the means to cure all the other people’s ills by their money. Don’t expect them to move mountains, they’re only human.

It’s disparaging to see/hear about people who have nothing better to do going around posting negative comments on blogs or whatever when those bloggers are just trying to help.