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Simple thought processes to help lead me through to my new faction.

Cygnar is interesting because of the options available to it. Sometimes I think there are TOO many options and that kind of kicks the list designer’s ass all over the place. Cygnar is also the faction where a compact army is a distinct possibility especially with the options of a Jack Heavy Darius and Kraye army. Cygnar is also well versed in denial with the options of presented by Siege and Haley. You can also go the offbeat fun list with Nemo(though Nemo is brutal against certain lists) and an all takers army with Stryker. My real issue is that Cygnar doesn’t have a full on “one trick pony” ‘caster. Since I plan on making a non-serious list more for fun. I could also just make a serious list.

Mercenaries are a challenge that have somewhat of an “easy button” feel at 500 points. Playing magnus with two Renegades, Eiryss, Orin, A&H, Alexia, Dougal, Sea Dogs and their Solos of Doom makes for a fun looking list with alot of characters and interactions but I’m not too sure if I want to go that route. Mercs are like the untimate customizable army but I don’t know if I really feel the lists. I know that they’re competitive but I’m unsure just how much effort I want to put into them. It’s really the power of the Obliterator rockets that are pulling me in. Really tempting arsenal, those rockets, even though you only get one shot. Hmmm…

The Khador list I’m planning is an army that will TRULY be a one trick pony. I’ll most likely play an assassination list with Sorscha as my caster. This is a monotonous list, to be honest. It’s going to have an end result much like my Cryx lists, caster kill with a predisposition towards anti-infantry to allow for the option(though you never want to go there) to grind it out. This is not a distinct possibility at the moment. I could use Vlad but I don’t need to, or want to for now.

Menoth is actually pretty tempting since I’m liking both Reznik and Kreoss. Tricky brutes, both of them. LOL. Anyway both have spells and feats that are kind of attractive but I will be taking one or the other. Kreoss has a predisposition towards an infantry heavy army while the Reznik list I am planning on is leaning towards being jack-heavy.

So the leading candidates are Cygnar and Mercenaries. Hmmmmm, interesting. Since both are pretty solid in my opinion.


I’m planning on trying out a new faction in Warmachine. I’m not interested in Hordes just yet. So now I’m picking which faction to try. Cygnar is interesting in that I can probably come up with a 500 point list capable of switching from grind to assassination. If I go Khador I’ll probably focus on a Sorscha list full of solos with a predisposition towards anti-infantry and assassination. A Menoth list for me will probably be a Reznik list with a balanced composition of infantry and Jacks, though Kreoss is an option. I’ve got lists ready for each faction so I have to weigh cost and fun factor though. Cygnar will be a challenge, Khador will be like a chunkier version of my Cryx army and Menoth will be something I’ve never tried before.

Decisions, decisions…

Edit: Mercs are creeping in. The temptation of magnus the traitor is pretty high. Hehehehe!