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OK, I got to check out a new resto with the shak bois last night. Soft opening, chilling with friends, AMAZING food AND drinks. Great GREAT restaurant. Located in Food street at Ortigas Home Depot, Kusina Teatro is a place to go to chill and talk with friends while eating food that will NOT(I repeat, NOT) make you full and drinking alcohol mixes that give you a warm and fuzzy buzz. Hehe!

Anyway. The restaurant is really chill, it looks to be a great date place(DO NOT take a date who eats alot there) Check out the Facade HERE and the Interior HERE.

And the food! Oh the food was GREAT! I’m going to go and suggest whatever it was that I ate.
Oh, I ate the Pork Belly Confit so check out how it looks HERE and it’s DELECTABLE.
I also ate the Fried Cheesecake. I had mine ala mode and you’ll get to see it HERE.

On another note, my friend has a drink named after him. It’s called the Fluffy and you can see it HERE.


I need to convince my parents that airsoft is alright. I honestly won’t be going for it unless I have FULL consent. A friend already offered to hide my stuff over at his house but I declined. That’s how I am.

I know it’s a great pastime. I’m really liking it right now. I’m also going REALLY cheap so it won’t kick my ass financially.

But I need to convince them. So any suggestions will be welcome.


Slept at 3am
Wake up 5am
Sunday market at 6am
Leave the house 7:30am
Leave for Bulacan 9:00am
Arrive at Bulacan and start playing Airsoft at 10:30am
Stop playing at around 3:30pm

Okay, busy day that didn’t end there. It was great, first airsoft experience. Had three kills in my newb debut. So not that bad. Hopefully I can get to go and play more. LOL!

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Thanks to everyone who greeted me.
Thanks to the Shak Bois who went to my party, Arvin, Jacob, Fred, Fluffy, Jake, Obi, Kim, Kei, Barby and Pork(AKA El Pasyon)
Thanks to the RX peeps who went as well. Gino, Tikoy, Albert, Alpha, Hazel, Danielle, Bea, AM, JC, Enzo.
Thanks for coming Jewel. Congrats on the 100% on wonderwall!!! WOOT!

To all those who didn’t go, DON’T WORRY, there’s always next time!!! Hehehehe!

Ok, self-explanatory title.

So, what did we do? We played “Last Night on Earth” over at Gelo’s house in Paranaque. It’s a board game that plays and feels like a B-movie zombie movie with iconic people and scenes, EVEN TOWNSFOLK. HAHAHAHAHA! It was a pretty hairy experience at the start but the cheese came together and the dice were just not falling for Gelo. Oh well. Crazy times as always!!!

Hopefully the plans for ROOOOOOOOCK BAAAAAAAAND goodness pushes through later. HAHAHAHAHA! Anybody wanna come along? It’s at FARVIEW though… Crazy times, crazy times. Looks like I won’t be bingeing on Coca-cola later. HAHA! Wonder where the bois will eat. Teriyaki boy might be an option with the Green Tea of Epic Win there… Hmmm, not a bad idea.

I played ROOOOOOOOCK BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND for the first time early morning yesterday. So what happens when the regular band line-up loses their regular vocalist Paul aka “El Pasyon”? The noob takes his place. Guess what? The noob did pretty good!

Oh my God! rock band is amazingly fun and addicting. It also happens to be really really hell on the voice if you just came from the shak and drank lots of coke. No more coke-binging at the shak for me if rock band is on the horizon.

Sorry to the Pork and Beanz band for some of the hiccups during the experience and the traumatic “That’s what you get” joketime.