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You’re at my main blogsite. This blogsite is where you will find all my thoughts, random as they are and a simple commentary on my life, random as it is. No photos here, sorry, that’s in my secondary blogsite. I’m not one to mash up my blogs. Just not my style. So good luck, I hope you don’t get lost.

The following is taken from my multiply site.

What does one know of TReiz?
RX Listener (no more withdrawal)
The twenty hour listener (not anymore but the moniker stuck)
Jumpstart’s Resident “Henyo”
Wannabe Wordsmith
struggling Lomographer
struggling Photographer
struggling Blogger
plain struggling
STILL Voldo Grabmaster of the Philippines
trying to hash out my brain

maybe less, maybe more nothing much but i might as well share the light and dark contents of my soul upon you. don’t say i didn’t warn you…



  1. lol at ‘plain struggling’

    I like your ‘by-line’: Not all who wander are lost.

    • Blame J.R.R. Tolkien
      Your blog is quite interesting.
      By quite I mean “very”

  2. I wanna parody your blog title to:
    “I shouldn’t sleep, *bleep*King. I took the blue pill.”

  3. LOLd@ plain struggling. ;)

    But aren’t we all? I like your blog. I’m adding you on my blogroll. I’m not asking permission. But really, I hope that’s cool with you.

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