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Okay, you have to cover an event. First step, in my opinion, a really important step would be to case the venue.

It’s not a joking matter. In war, the one who knows the lay of the land is at a distinct advantage. No different here.

First thing I do is check out how the place is set up. I need to know where there’s going to be heavy traffic of human bodies so I can either seek out or avoid those places. Bottom line, there’s going to be a line to the comfort room but the action’s not there.

Next thing I look at is lighting. I don’t expect everyone to be able to memorize the locations where the disco lights intersect at a drop of a hat but seeing what the lighting can do is a very big thing. Great photos can be ruined ‘coz of bad lighting and photos you expected to be mediocre may just surprise you because the lighting was amazing.

In part two I’m gonna cover the idiosyncratic stuff I do but don’t expect everyone to try at once.


Do you want to have your photo taken during an event? Do you want to know where to point your lens if you want to get the photos of where it’s going to be HOTTEST? Do you want to be at or near the center of attention? Look for the room’s “hotspot”

Okay, it’s not really called a hotspot., I just happen to call it that.

So, what IS the hotspot? It’s the first area of the room that your eyes go to when you enter. Amazingly, this area is where almost everyone will gravitate to. So where does that leave you?

Question: What is it that you want? Do you want to be with the throng? Do you want to take photos of the dancing masses?

Question: Can you get there? Do you belong in there? Can you handle it?