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Okay, I understand you kinda trust in Ahia since he’s the firstborn son and all but he ain’t all that responsible in reality. Especially for things he’s not into.

Okay, NEXT TIME you two are out of town, just let us hitch with other people rather than suggesting that we go with him. You know he’ll do it, grudgingly. He’ll be late too. He’ll also let personal biases get in the way of expediency.

1.) I texted him before the eucharist ended. No reply, asleep maybe?

2.) A-pe and A-um offered to bring us home but when I informed him he was all “better you wait for me rather than go with them.” Ah well…

I dunno… for once, listen to the smart fat guy. You keep promising to, you just NEVER do.


Haha, yeah. You’re interesting and you have the sense to actually tease me.
I find you cute. A little too thin, though. You intrigue me. I love it.

It’s crazy.
All I can do right now is think about it.

Save me.

Just stop me. Please.
Let me go on. Don’t be afraid to put me down.
Don’t feel guilty that I might get hurt.
Shut me out. Shut me down.
Better now when it’ll hurt less.
Better sooner than later.
Be frank, be brutal, be HONEST.
That’s all I ask.
Please, give it to me.

Call me territorial, call me overly protective, call me fanatical.

I call myself ONE thing, LOYAL. Like a dog you know, a dog with firearms.

No secret that I have friends that are popular. No secret that I consider a few of them as some of the coolest(if geeky) people I know.
Thing is, some people have been talking trash about them. Name-calling and low blows are kind of off-putting but this is a different level. Personal attacks are too much.

My friends have too much class to speak up. I’ve got just enough class to not dig up BULLSHIT. But that won’t stop me from speaking my mind.

Some thoughts:
You know why you stoop so low as to resort to name-calling and personal attacks? Because YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM!

It isn’t about what you were supposed to be… It’s about ACTION, about what you can bring to the floor.

Don’t go around stealing what’s rightfully someone else’s or talking trash about someone who deserves everything they have.

Don’t go talking about someone’s former appearance, let’s see YOU come back from that.

Oh, and you’re so desperate that the only time you can be on top is when something OUT OF YOUR CONTROL hampers the other group.

Use the calories you burn talking crap to get better. You want to be the best, PROVE IT. Actions are STILL louder than words, AWARDS too.

Oh, and as far as memory serves, they’re STILL there. UP TOP I mean, and like they say “it’s hard to hear you from way up here”.

Okay, my older brother is GAY. Never really bothered me AS SOON AS I KNEW.

Thing is, he told me he was a man before and I believed him. So I got confused. Anyway, right now he’s bitching about how we can’t accept that he’s gay unless we’re going to “use” him for his fashion sense, his cooking or some stupid bullshit.

Thing is, I HATE HIS COOKING(He uses too much flavor and veggies. I’m a carnivore, I just want the visceral feel of my canines tearing MEAT! I just tell him otherwise ‘coz well, he has some good dishes, he might make those next time), I don’t give a damn about fashion(heck, my mom buys my clothes ‘coz I won’t waste my money for that) and I sure as hell don’t care if he’s going after some guy. His life, his STUPID sideshow.

BUT, I want to tell him, “Being gay doesn’t give you the RIGHT TO BE BITCHY”!!! Goddamnit! I have gay friends. They’re great friends, but the reason they’re so great is that they OWN it, they’re not TRYING to own it.

God, step outside of your own bullshit and clean yourself up.

Thanks to everyone who greeted me.
Thanks to the Shak Bois who went to my party, Arvin, Jacob, Fred, Fluffy, Jake, Obi, Kim, Kei, Barby and Pork(AKA El Pasyon)
Thanks to the RX peeps who went as well. Gino, Tikoy, Albert, Alpha, Hazel, Danielle, Bea, AM, JC, Enzo.
Thanks for coming Jewel. Congrats on the 100% on wonderwall!!! WOOT!

To all those who didn’t go, DON’T WORRY, there’s always next time!!! Hehehehe!

Okay, to all my friends, THANK YOU for putting up with me.

To the shak/fortress bois: Arvin, Caloy, Dan(and ate Dadang), Dick, Fluffy, Fredkalbo, Fred Teng, Fritz, Garr, Ian, Jake, Joma, Kei, Kim, Lance, Palma Brothers, Pork, Sj(and your brother), and all the others whose names I have inadvertantly forgotten. May the coke always pour, the noodles always be hot(except for me), the log always be filled and if we need to go CRAZY there’s always FARVIEW(sorry Kei)!!!

To the Gspot bois, Albert, Andre, Carlo, Enzo, Gino and Jimmy. I will trap you guys, ingat ingat… May the game remain, may the pizza keep getting delivered, may the tarots keep hitting true.

To the jocks. I pray for all of you to keep healthy the next year. Hiccups at most(since it’ll be really funny on-air). HAHAHAHAHAHA!

To the radio1s, don’t lose your love for radio. And to the graduates, this is only the beginning, make us all proud.

To the rushers. Agahan niyo naman sa booth!!! Ano ba yan?!! Ako nalang palagi magisa sa booth!!! Palagi nalang… huhuhuhu!!!

To the community peeps. Ayun, gisingin niyo naman ako!!! LOL!!! Kidding! I love you guys! Sana mas malala pa ang mga magagawa natin sa 2009.

And to Kiti, this is crazy and it’s cool. How many days has it been? My newest friend. Good luck.

Dear God/universe/unquantifiable cosmic overseer,

Thanks for another year. Another year of pain and pleasure, ignorance and learning, healing and hurting.

And while it seems that everything is coming together only now(better late than never) I can’t help but feel unworthy somehow. I’ve had so many blessings this year that I can’t help but wonder why I’m so lucky. So many friends, opportunities and memories.

So, thanks.