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Monthly Archives: December 2009

THESE are MY suggestions, my OPINIONS


1. MASTER YOUR CAMERA. – I can work my camera with my eyes closed, more importantly, I can work it while looking through the viewfinder.
2. Keep It Simple, Stupid. – Your photos
3. Focus on creating art, not jacking off to tech specs
4. Shoot more film. – Let’s see if the pressure of “no delete” doesn’t make you improve your shot selection.
5. Take good shots so you don’t need to worry about post processing.
6. Post your work online but keep your best work and have prints done.
7. Talk to others about what they think about your work. Be open minded about how they critique.
8. Be your own harshest critic – a perfection or bust mindset will make you better.
9. Don’t be drowned out by the crowd, think for YOURSELF. Just because everyone is doing HDR or hyperfocal doesn’t mean you need to.


One of my greatest frustrations are people who can’t seem to ask me for something face to face.

If being frank to the point of saying, “It’s not something I’m obligated to do” is insulting to you, please don’t fault me because I only speak the truth.

If you need me to take photos but don’t ask me to do so I won’t do it.
Simply put, I’d much rather waste my time on MY shit than yours.

Please, don’t OBLIGE me just because I’m part of the same religious group you’re in.
Please, don’t think I’m REQUIRED to record everything just because I carry a camera everywhere.

I may need to take photos, but I don’t need to take photos of YOUR crap.

BUT, ask me, to my face and I may just do something about it.

P.S. This is why I’m glad someone else bought a DSLR in the group.

When people trust you enough to tell you the truth of the matter, it sucks.

How do you react when someone tells you that she doesn’t really like her boyfriend all that much?
How do you react when someone rants to you but it doesn’t make any sense?
How do you react when you see some asswipe just run her mouth thinking that the whole world is hers.

I have only one reaction to give now.


I have to say, the enjoyment I get from listening has no comparison to the irritation I feel when I hear your name on air.

Your pride and how you see yourself is a shame.
You make me sick.

Oh, and backstabbing? PLEASE
You’re worse than a whore sometimes. You don’t even do it for the money, you do it for something more fleeting.

Queen of shit and fail.

Ironic that I can see straight to the point, into the connections. I can see past the bullshit wall most people put up.

Ironic because I can’t do that to myself.

Ask any number of my friends, I’ve consistently been able to see what was wrong beneath the facade.
I’ve also been able to pinpoint the problem, usually them, that got themselves there.

I also tend to throw the hard truths. It’s not the easiest of jobs, but someone has to do it.

That someone just happens to be the most emotionally affective dude out there. MEH

I see it all the time, actually.

There is a daughter of a family friend who pisses me off on so many levels.

Bad to mediocre photog, great photoshopper. Her photos are meh at most but whatever.
Obsessed with romanticizing her life into something like twilight, complete with star-crossed lover status.
Trying hard to be a rockstar, to the point of me wanting to smack her upside her head and screaming, “YOU CAN’T SING!”
Trying a little too hard for her 15 minutes of fame.

Ugh, I guess there’s a premium now for disobeying your parents.

I respect her parents and all but when they’re blind to the shit in front of them, but nitpick on my shit, WELL.

Parents who nitpick on my decision to be “professional” when it comes to a charity concert but will let their daughter mangle a song in front of 3,000 people. By nitpick I mean to say, “we’re not professionals here” in front of the entire planning committee just to prove a point.

Okay, writing this will piss me off, but lesson learned right?

Ladies, STOP being so nice

If you don’t like the dude, don’t lead him on

Okay, if a guy is frank enough and honest enough to ask you where any relationship is going please tell him.

Don’t tell him that you just want to take it slow but then end up with a boyfriend two weeks later.
Tell him that you’re not interested and you just want to stay friends.

Better that the dude hurts at once, he’ll forgive or at the very least forget you.

For most of the past decade I’ve been wracked by insomnia.
Advantageous at times but mostly a gigantic hassle.

Part of my being

Insomnia allowed me an amazing amount of time to do extra-curricular activities but at the cost of messing up my studies and work. Insomnia also had a tendency to activate a sort of “hyper mind”, that while fraught with extremely random and borderline insane thoughts, also had thought processes that moved like a silver fish in a brook.

Some would say that insomnia destroyed my life. Others would say that it opened up many different opportunities. I say that it’s a part of my life and I wouldn’t be myself without it.

Never really fitting in anywhere was something that I admit have accepted a long time ago.

Of course, there was always music, geekery and gaming. I was part of cliques that were into that in my first few years of college but it would rarely pan out. People leave, trufax, but sometimes, I got left behind.

Nowadays, I hang out with a lot of people. Rushers, RX DJs and Radio1s. Shak boys and Fortress Siegers.

Maybe all that time by myself was just getting me ready for how blessed I am now. I’m certainly happy.

And don’t get me started on my tumblr peeps, that’s later.

I think what was stopping me from taking photography so seriously before was a delusional ideal that photography should be fun. What I didn’t realize was that photography was always fun, I had just stopped having fun.

I admit that I went looking for the fun. I admit to a fascination with lomography that persists until now. I admit to getting into it more than I should have. I’m just happy that I realized that I was more into it because of the creativity it allowed and decided to continue in that vein.

I’m glad to say that I enjoy photography now, more than ever. Trying new things like Macro and studio shoots has really been fun.

I’m also proud to say that I’m finding my own way as a photographer, the way that’s best for me.

I’ve always loved comics.

Batman, Cap, The X-men, Deadpool (even before he blew up as a character), Nick Fury, Cannonball and Green Lantern.

I never really got to collect comics before. I’d always only been able to collect TPBs and never really found the time or money to collect singles.

Now, I’m feeding an addiction that I doubt will stop any time soon.

Agents of Atlas
Detective Comics
Deadpool Team-ups
Secret Six
Secret Warriors

Action comics
Red Robin