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Tag Archives: ROCK BAND!

Thanks to everyone who greeted me.
Thanks to the Shak Bois who went to my party, Arvin, Jacob, Fred, Fluffy, Jake, Obi, Kim, Kei, Barby and Pork(AKA El Pasyon)
Thanks to the RX peeps who went as well. Gino, Tikoy, Albert, Alpha, Hazel, Danielle, Bea, AM, JC, Enzo.
Thanks for coming Jewel. Congrats on the 100% on wonderwall!!! WOOT!

To all those who didn’t go, DON’T WORRY, there’s always next time!!! Hehehehe!


Hopefully the plans for ROOOOOOOOCK BAAAAAAAAND goodness pushes through later. HAHAHAHAHA! Anybody wanna come along? It’s at FARVIEW though… Crazy times, crazy times. Looks like I won’t be bingeing on Coca-cola later. HAHA! Wonder where the bois will eat. Teriyaki boy might be an option with the Green Tea of Epic Win there… Hmmm, not a bad idea.