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I have an idea of how to do it.
I want people to bring something that will establish them not only as rushers but also their own person.

Basically going, “I’m a rusher but I’m also a >BLANK<”

In my case(this doesn’t mean that I’ll have my photo taken, I’m still a camphobe) it would be “I’m a rusher but I’m also a photographer.” or “I’m a rusher but I’m also a geek.” So what do YOU think?

My real hope is to get the photos on display somewhere and maybe have it as a photobook for Chico and Delle. Hehe, something for them to remember the rushers. I can dream, can’t I?


But more of fun with friends.

Fluffy and Kei saved my butt as usual with holding me down and keeping me in control. Thanks guys!
Rx peeps as always to provide the goofy stuff. Won’t be posting the photos here, so sorry. There are some taggables that need to stay “anonymous”.
Anyway, it was fun, great fun. I have photos to post process as usual. Levels and white balance, as always.

By the way, in case I haven’t said it before, I LOVE MY FLASH.
It’s also great that I got to take photos today. Not just at the party but also with some kids during a school thing for my niece. It felt good to take candid photos of not really cute kids. LOL, Image Stabilization FTW!!!

Thanks to everyone who greeted me.
Thanks to the Shak Bois who went to my party, Arvin, Jacob, Fred, Fluffy, Jake, Obi, Kim, Kei, Barby and Pork(AKA El Pasyon)
Thanks to the RX peeps who went as well. Gino, Tikoy, Albert, Alpha, Hazel, Danielle, Bea, AM, JC, Enzo.
Thanks for coming Jewel. Congrats on the 100% on wonderwall!!! WOOT!

To all those who didn’t go, DON’T WORRY, there’s always next time!!! Hehehehe!

Amazing AMAZING concert series with one of my favorite bands, Sandwich!

Hehehe!!! Noon-time medley of DOOM!!!

Photos, as usual are in post processing and will be uploaded once ready. Actually didn’t use my 50mm this time around, opting for my telephoto and my kit. Just wanted to compare results. Check back in a few days for photos. Didn’t take that many, listened more, took photos less.

EDIT: Photos are UP! Check them out HERE

Was great! Granted, I only stayed til 11:30 but it was better than nothing. I made a choice between partying all night today and losing out on my birthday or being in moderation and keeping my birthday plans intact. Hehehehe! Good choice i would say.

Photos are in post processing. Will be up in a day or two. A LOT of fun photos.

EDIT: Photos are UP!!! Click HERE for photos. Enjoy!!! To the Jocks: Just comment if you want any particular photo.