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Well, MHFU night with the buds.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.



Yellow Cab pizza and good company, I’m such a simple idiot to please.



-Will sneak a peek before buying-

SPIDER-MAN 1602 # 2 – it’s arriving late for some reason

-Still thinking whether or not to continue the mini-

Some of my favorite comic book artists do prints.

I’m already collecting posters, prints are just an artsier version of my collecting.
So here’s a short list:

Adam Hughes
Alex Ross
Andy Kubert
Brian Bolland
James Jean
Jim Lee
Joe Kubert
Michael Turner

I’m at a loss for others…

Some of my favorite Magic: the Gathering cards are also prints.

Rebecca Guay art

lemme think some more…

I still think that Geoff Johns has far, FAR too much on his plate to be truly effective BUT he is still HELLA effective nonetheless.

EVERYTHING about this issue is BOSS.

Cover art, story and plot twists, overarching consequences, cliffhanger ending. BOOM.

You hated on the fact that his childhood was destroyed and he turned into this obsessed, brooding quackbag? Explanations are here.

There are so MANY great moments during the fight. Personal favorites? “Girl power”, and “Rule number one”.

Read it, you’ll enjoy it and unless you’re so bitter, it’ll sort of make up for the previous issues.

I’m surprised that I get along so much better with people on the flipside time period. I’m not kidding. I’m loving that I’ve found two people who kick my ass every single time I hear from them. I’m talking about about LIVESOPHIA and ALEXNOISE. I swear, if you don’t stop me there isn’t anything I WON’T say about how AMAZING these two are. You just need to take a glance at their sites and you need not wonder.

These two have wit, they are both GREAT writers, insane photographers and are possessed of ambition that will not be denied. These two WILL change the world, it’s just a question of WHEN. From what I’ve seen, it’s going to be soon.

The Doctor is out.

This issue was cool. I always wanted to see Stephen Strange in a more relaxed environment.
You also get to see him as a WEAK magic user, but still a magic user.

Anyways, I like where this is going. The art looks fun and the story, though feeling a tad self-contained in this issue rather than pushing a mini-series’ storyline, was enjoyable. Baseball game to decide the fate of the souls of an entire stadium anyone?

BTW, the heckles the former Sorcerer Supreme was slinging in the first part of this issue made me snicker because of the realism. Read to believe.

Anyone else but you – Moldy Peaches
Music and Lyrics HERE

Somewhere over the rainbow – Cliff Richards
Lyrics HERE
Music HERE

Firefly theme song – written by Joss Whedon
Lyrics HERE
Music HERE

Interestingly enough, I forgot to reserve this one…

And I would have been extremely MAD at myself had I not gotten a copy.

Approach towards the characters: EXCELLENT

Usually, right after you finish a mini-arc and right before a new one begins you have an issue that attempts to close out the previous arc while opening up something new. Those comics are not normally what you would run to the comic store for. This one should cause a stampede.

Just how REAL is this issue? You want to see a real life hostage/kidnapping drama complete with the tragic death of one of the hostages and the dramatic rescue? Here you go.

So I’m torrenting two things

Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed


Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream

Try ’em, you may just like ’em

Well, he IS the first comic book character to break into the 900th issue club.

This issue is a joke in more ways than one. I’m guessing all of you know about the “Wonder Woman issue #600” thing. You don’t, ah heck, message me or leave a comment. It’s actually pretty good marketing and reader whatnot.

This issue is FILLED with craziness but that’s pretty much all you can expect from the Regeneratin’ Degenerate.

So, every story here will have you scratching your head in confusion, either that or every story will probably leave you in stitches as the obvious pop culture references constantly bombard you. I’m not joking, nothing is sacred to this book. Not even CSI. Ahahahaha!

Anyways, there are some more serious things to read about. The funnier ones are better though especially the story that deals with pacts.