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Monthly Archives: February 2010

One entry a day was fun but I admit to being burned out.

I also admit that I was beginning to wonder if the quality of the writing was suffering from forcing myself to write.

Basically it. I’ll just write when there’s the impulse and only if the quality is worth it.

you could always go to my tumblr if you’re bored.


Because of you – Kelly Clarkson
Music and Lyrics HERE

Call me when you’re sober – Evanescence
Music and Lyrics HERE

Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) – Wyclef Jean feat. Akon, Lil’ Wayne and Niia
Music and Lyrics HERE

Going out on a “date” later, watching rent. LOL

Then straight to the shak

Then shak until 4AM

Balloonfest tomorrow

prepare for pic spam

Edit: rent didn’t push through, dinner instead.

You hold a box, this is a magic box. It captures MOMENTS.

Think about that the next time you pick up a camera.

I don’t give a crap about how advanced your camera is.
I don’t care that it’s worth more than I’ll make in two years.

I start caring when you take great shots.

But let’s go back to moments. What I look for in a photo are captured moments.

Your technical knowledge is squat when you take meaningless photos.
Your extremely powerful camera is impotent.
All the pixels in the world can’t change that.

Slim Pickings, but I’ll be adding last week’s run to this one.



One of photography’s most interesting problems is the simple fact that it is an art form predicated on capturing a three-dimensional impression onto a two-dimensional expression.

Most people forget this and they end up shooting whatever it is that caught their eye as if it were still 3D. Thing is, unless your camera is specialized for it, you end up with a 2D image. Something that looked really interesting in 3D may look like crap when you force it into flatland. People can’t help it, we see the world in 3D. Binocular vision is something we were born with.

Looking at the world in two-dimensions isn’t something that we’re all used to. Important thing is to either plan out the photo in two dimensions or add a semblance of depth with the composition and lines.

Drops of Jupiter – Train
Music and Lyrics HERE

Put your record on – Corinne Bailey Rae
Music and Lyrics HERE

Save me – Remy Zero
Lyrics HERE
Music HERE

Part 2: Basic Offense

First tip: Have a go-to move.

I don’t care if it’s:
a drop step, to high off glass lay up or a dunk
spin to the middle to a jump hook or teardrop
space create into step back/fade away jumper
face up, dribble, head fake, up and under

Have a go-to move.
Which center doesn’t have a go-to move right now?
Which center will NEVER get to take over a game?
Dwight Howard. Point made.

I suggest trying out the drop step first.
Basic offensive tool. Wanna see how click HERE

You’re a center, use your size.
Next installment, other offensive options.

Parents are out

Sister is bitching

Gotta stay at home

Ah well

No comic run tonight

Tomorrow then

Edit: No comics. So tomorrow’s review will be for a “Guilt free TPB”

A wide lens
A fast prime
A fast telephoto


1 is enough
2 is playing safe
3 can be too much

bringing more than that can be stupid.

Why? You’re going to be thinking too much.
You’re going to be thinking about which lens to use.

CONSTANTLY rethinking your shots will mess you up.
Your photos will suffer. YOU will suffer.

Learn to stick with one lens.
Learn to figure out which lens to bring.
Learn to move so that you can still compose no matte what your lens is.
Learn about your camera, learn about your lenses.