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Monthly Archives: January 2009

But more of fun with friends.

Fluffy and Kei saved my butt as usual with holding me down and keeping me in control. Thanks guys!
Rx peeps as always to provide the goofy stuff. Won’t be posting the photos here, so sorry. There are some taggables that need to stay “anonymous”.
Anyway, it was fun, great fun. I have photos to post process as usual. Levels and white balance, as always.

By the way, in case I haven’t said it before, I LOVE MY FLASH.
It’s also great that I got to take photos today. Not just at the party but also with some kids during a school thing for my niece. It felt good to take candid photos of not really cute kids. LOL, Image Stabilization FTW!!!


I was going through some facebook stuff when I saw a friend’s status update. It proudly exclaimed “—– is a lucky one”. What made me smile was that he KNEW it. I see some people with a great life. Great family, great friends, great job BUT they don’t know it. I’m not excluding myself from the discussion. I’m just as guilty of this. I sometimes keep looking for more when I’m doing fine with less. I yearn to satisfy my wanderlust when I’m in a great place right where I am. I’m only beginning to realize what great family and friends I have. I may not like them at times, but they’re great.

What makes me sad though is whenever I see some guy totally disregard what he has. Always trying to move on, trying to get better, trying to make money. Forgetting the treasures he has at home. Look around you man. You never know when you might lose it.

I should listen to my own advice. I should take the time, to stop and smell the flowers, maybe take pictures of them too.

Another of my older Multiply Blog entries. I really enjoyed making this Sonnet. A real challenge.


I wasn’t strong enough to make you stay

I wasn’t strong enough to tell you to

I wasn’t strong enough to look that way

I wasn’t strong enough to call to you

Not strong enough to hold you close to me

Not strong enough to chase after the sun

Not strong enough to really make you see

Not strong enough to tell you we’re not done

Wasn’t strong enough to simply hold on

Wasn’t strong enough to be right beside

Wasn’t strong enough, faking I was strong

Wasn’t strong enough to bring you deep inside

Never strong enough for one such as you

Never strong enough to know what to do

July 18, 2007

Inspired by the Jumpstart Quick Question “I wasn’t strong enough to ___”

Just stop me. Please.
Let me go on. Don’t be afraid to put me down.
Don’t feel guilty that I might get hurt.
Shut me out. Shut me down.
Better now when it’ll hurt less.
Better sooner than later.
Be frank, be brutal, be HONEST.
That’s all I ask.
Please, give it to me.

Ok, my immediate family should STOP asking me to take photos that THEY want to send to my sister in Spain. Why? Because I want nothing to do with her. NOTHING. I swear, Ma, Pa, this your daughter who acted like a total ass(not to mention idiot) towards you guys and YOU’RE the ones trying to mend the connection?! Tell me again why that doesn’t sound RETARDED. And please, don’t give me crap about the catechizes of the world versus the catechizes of God. WHATEVER, there is still God’s wrath. I know I’m not God but let me have some entitlement here. And don’t get mad at me for being a little bit realistic here, I have no desire to be brought into whatever harebrained scheme you guys have for RECONCILIATION. I have no desire for it.

Why PM when you can simply reply or post on the thread?

You PM when you think that what you’re about to post might be a little bit off putting. Maybe when you’re about to post a sensitive topic. Or maybe when you have a bone to pick and don’t have the power to back it up. I mean, it would be REALLY embarrassing to have your post edited or even deleted, wouldn’t it? I see flame wars started because of something that could’ve been resolved using a PM but came out in the thread. Oh well, good luck to that.

So, if you’re not sure about what you’re gonna post, PM first. It’s safer and at least if you put someone off, it’ll be between both of you. Remember, emails, thread posts and shoutbox/chatbox replies live forever.

This was originally posted on my multiply. I guess it came out doing so well I thought I should share it to others. hehe!

All credit to teaching me goes to Father Michael Martin Fox



(To the tune of some obscure song, just ask me to sing it sometime.)

parentheses connote a “second” voice as in a few seconds late voice

There are five, five, constipated men in the Bible (in the Bible)
There are five constipated men in the B-I-B-L-E

The first constipated man was Cain,
because (pause) he was not Abel.

The second constipated man was Moses,
because (pause) he took two tablets

The third constipated man was Balaam,
because (pause) he could not move his ass

The fourth constipated man was Samson
because (pause) he brought down the house

The fifth constipated man was David
because (pause) he sat on on his throne for forty years

The sixth and seventh constipated men were James and John
The sons of thunder!!!

Credits: lots of priests out there for the first five.
for the 2 bonus constipated men,
look to none other than Fr. Michael Martin Fox you may be english, but you ain’t a pansy.

It’s the last hour of the day. What am I doing? Why am I still awake?

I don’t know. I want something to do. I swear, I’m so restless right now that I want to scream. I don’t want to suffer anymore. It’s pulling me apart.

Too much thinking, too much running through my mind. Soon I won’t be able to handle it. Soon I’m gonna burst.

Overly thinking

Did you know that there’s a bit of conventional wisdom that says never to make or take calls past 10pm? It’s because that’s when most people are alone and thinking. It’s so easy to get paranoid and freaked out at this time. So easy to fear for the worst. So easy to just give in to the voices in your head. So easy, to fall into the maze of your mind and never get back out.

I need to sleep, but I keep writing. Someone save me.

The Gray is my term for being neither here nor there in the emotional spectrum. I currently have no want to choose between attaching and detaching because neither is the best for me. Both destroy and neither do anything to really bring me forward.

The emotional spectrum in DC is:
Red – Anger
Orange – Avarice
Yellow – Fear
Green – Willpower
Blue – Hope
Indigo – Compassion
Violet – Love

Right now, I am neither white, which is the presence of all color, or black, which is the absence. I am inside the spectrum and outside of it at the same time. Not because of any design of the universe but because of choice.

Because I’m afraid of either choice that I can make.

Let’s see, Batman didn’t die in Batman R.I.P. ‘coz he’s in Final Crisis. Pretty obvious there. He actually “dies” in Final Crisis 6.

Okay, I admit, I kinda liked the whole “circular history” thing with Batman. The whole “his life as Batman started with a gun and cowardice and it ended with a gun and heroism” thing was a twist I expected from Grant Morrison anyway, knowing how much of a fanboy the man is. My only thing is that they really just HAD to come up with the whole deus ex machina in the form of the Omega Sanction which “traps the person hit in a series of alternate realities, each one worse than the last.” so I’m expecting that there’s going to be some series showing the alternate realities and Batman(Bruse Wayne)’s struggles in them. This also gives DC the same option with Bruce Wayne that they had with Barry Allen. Ah well, they don’t really have to die anyway, you don’t want to alienate fans.

So the fans await.