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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Open Happiness – Cee-lo Green, Patrick Stump, Brandon Urie, Travis McCoy, Janelle Monae

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White and Nerdy – “Weird” Al Yankovic

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Order Taker – Parokya ni Edgar

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There’s nothing wrong with trade paperbacks. This is an article on the matter and I agree wholeheartedly. I buy single issues but I don’t understand the prejudice some collectors feel against people who buy TPBs. I’m sure you can’t just bring all your singles with you on a road trip for some light reading. I’m sure you’re not going to lend out your singles to a friend so he can check out the story. Go with the TPBs if you’re not obsessing over every single issue, it’s cheaper. Go with TPBs if you didn’t go with a storyline and all the issues are now hard to find. Go with TPBs if you don’t want to bother with a mini-series just yet.

So here’s one of my favorites. The art is amazing, which is to be expected since there are SIXTEEN different artists working on the same project. The story is no slouch either. It’s a real hero’s tale filled with loss and victory. More Lord of the Rings than wham! smash! bop!

The great part is that all of the characters in the story seem so familiar but at the same time different.

The final battle reminds me of the whole “for Frodo” battle in the Return of the King. I love how the ending is full of hope for the future.

Take a gander at it, you may just like it.

This issue blew me away so much from the writing alone that I’m amazed that it took this long for it the story to pick up.

This issue explains SO MUCH about the Speed force and so many other things.
Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver as a team is insane.

That they returned Max Mercury is something I like. Bart’s father figure was a favorite of mine. The “Zen master of the Speed force” was always an enjoyable read for me.

Maybe realizing the truth is something Barry Allen needs to stop holding back?

I’m actually getting excited for the rest of the series.

Tired with life as usual.

Slipped and fell. I’m overweight, it was a marble floor, do the math.

Had some “secret agent” stuff to do. Kidding!

A few interesting talks alone the way.

Sent off my older sister home to Spain. Kinda miss her.

Finished Galactica marathon, cried, a lot. Finished Dollhouse marathon, LOVED IT.

AWESOME SUGARFREE CONCERT. If you’re a fan and you missed it, YOU ARE FAIL.
I walked from the house to the venue with a bum knee and with pouring rain. Re-injuring myself and getting a slight cold but IT WAS WORTH IT.

A previous post talked about getting into interests other than your art. You might wonder why.

In my case I get into other stuff because it helps me.

I watch concerts because I love music. It also helps that I know how musicians work in concerts just in case I want to ever cover a big time performance.

I watch a lot of shows and movies because looking at cinematography helps me compose my photographs better.

I go eat at fancy restaurants every now and then to appreciate how food is presented and maybe get an idea of how I would photograph it.

I read comics, magazines, and look at other visual art because it’s a guide for me. It shows me what I find pleasing.





Dark Horse

Star Wars Legacy #39

That’s what a good buddy of mine says.
With TWO hands.

Don’t kid yourself thinking that one hand will be enough.

One hand holding the heft of the lens, one hand on the trigger.
Hold the camera close to your body to keep it steady.
Keep your arms in. Hold it steady.

Breath in, shoot, breath out.

Prophets – A.C. Newman

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From How I met your Mother S04Ep24

I want you to want me – Letters to Cleo

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From the Movie Ten things I hate about you

Christmas TV – Slow Club

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From Chuck S02Ep22

Swarming all around
I seem to just keep killing them
Over and over
I kill them and they return
So I kill them again
and again
and again

Grodd won, everyone else lost.

Batman in hiding. Superman in exile because of the kryptonite in the air. Every other hero dead. Humanity is in slavery. Grodd won.

Dystopian future. Only Batman against an entire world.

In the end this story was about BOTH of them. Superman needed someone to hold the fort and Batman could never bring the people’s hope back to life. This illustrates just how much the two are intertwined and need each other.

Read the comic ‘coz i won’t be spoiling the surprise.