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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Interestingly enough, I forgot to reserve this one…

And I would have been extremely MAD at myself had I not gotten a copy.

Approach towards the characters: EXCELLENT

Usually, right after you finish a mini-arc and right before a new one begins you have an issue that attempts to close out the previous arc while opening up something new. Those comics are not normally what you would run to the comic store for. This one should cause a stampede.

Just how REAL is this issue? You want to see a real life hostage/kidnapping drama complete with the tragic death of one of the hostages and the dramatic rescue? Here you go.


Didn’t want to, obliged is the word.

Some people are trying too hard.

People who try too hard don’t show up on photos unless I have no choice.

I remember why I love concerts, while at the same time being more thankful for my bullcrap radar.

Photos are up.


I just bought a set of close up filters for 1,320 pesos. I’ve been pretty interested in taking photos of nature/flowers/insects lately and I think this is a better choice compared to buying a macro lens for close to 30,000 pesos.

The close up filters are pretty simple, just screw them on the camera lens and take photos. They’ll allow you to focus much much closer than you normally would be. As I’m not really thinking of doing macro photography as a livelihood I’m sticking with this.

This opens up a whole new world for me to look into because I’m really used to taking photos of people and their surroundings so taking photos of the little things should be an adventure.

Sample photos will be up soon!!!



Didn’t reserve:


Didn’t reserve:

Something said on Castle kicked my ass.

Rick Castle: “The key to a good jack o’ lantern is understanding negative space.”
Alexis: “It’s not what’s there; it’s what’s NOT there.”

Hmmm, it got me thinking.

I’ve always wanted to try a set of silhouette photos. The subject being unseen is a story just waiting to be told. I’ve written about negative space at length and this is interesting. What happens when your subject is totally in the dark?

Putting the background in focus and keeping the subject in black and out of focus is the plan. A photograph is like a captured memory and creating a hole in a memory seems interesting to me.

Automatic – Tokio Hotel
Lyrics HERE
Music HERE

Fireflies – Owl City
Music and Lyrics HERE

Just stand up – Various Artists
Music and Lyrics HERE

What moves you?

What tells you where to go, what to do, what to think?

What is the fire behind you, the wind in your sails?

You strive for something because you need it? It burns in your soul?

My spark is dim, I’ve not truly found any reason for my art, or skill, or craft rather than as a lifeline, anything to grab on to keep me alive for one more day. Keeping myself busy is keeping myself alive.

It’s sort of sad and a waste that I’ve stopped taking care of myself. I could be better with effort, I could probably be in the best shape of my life if I tried, the question is in the trying.

I need inspiration, again.

Sheer idiocy at its best.

I honestly LOVE the art, probably the only reason I bought the mini-series in the first place. The story was never really there anyway so I didn’t really expect much.

Imagine super-heroes in the information age. For them it’s all about fame and exposure. These superheroes are as shallow as most of their generation and then you add the fact that they’re from Japan and you have the ensuing craziness guaranteed.

The ending was just about as implausible as the rest of the series, if you’re thinking of buying the TPB, don’t.

EZTV is down

I will not go out this Friday night, sadly

Tomorrow is filled with house/computer maintenance

I believe that I will actually buy original Windows 7 this time around (my vista is original and came with my lappie)

Will upgrade to 4GB ram by next week

Re-watching Firefly and some older shows

Actually deleted all the Dexter episodes. Will still watch it but delete after, ah well

doing the periodic nuking of my photos, even back ups

Anything that isn’t really special or holds memories WILL be deleted

I wonder what my younger sister is up to at SMX, some fashion week shiz I guess


Believe me when I believe THE Jake Lopez when he says bad things about Glee

I agree

It’s all so forced now (Puck and Rachel, Sue’s “romance”)
Things are getting tiring (Will and Emma, quitting Glee and rejoining)
Gigantically stupid plot points

I also DO NOT like moving the songs away from the “big finish” format

and Matthew Morrison doing hip hop and breaking, nice the first time, irritating now

P.S. Glee was never that good, but when the music parts don’t do it for you, what redeems it?