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Didn’t want to, obliged is the word.

Some people are trying too hard.

People who try too hard don’t show up on photos unless I have no choice.

I remember why I love concerts, while at the same time being more thankful for my bullcrap radar.

Photos are up.



Lots of screaming(at me)
Lots of stress(whole family)
Lots of crap(“pets”)
Bad sleep(me)
Bad form(“pets”)

I don’t want to elaborate or revisit this crap weekend. If you know me, you’ll understand.

Bad week. I’m really in a position where I want to scream and hang out with friends.

Edit: What sucks more is that I wasn’t able to get my comics tonight. So the reviews will come a bit late tomorrow. Nyuf!

Tired, but not really. I’m going crazy so please help me.

I don’t know what to do right now.

If you know me, talk to me sometime.

I’m just sad right now for a friend and his dad. Each ending is a new beginning though. Hopefully I can be there for that new beginning.

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Ah well, I am a member of the family of PHAIL.

I swear, let the guy with insomnia sleep. It seems that whenever I get to sleep early something happens that I need to wake up and do some form of physical exertion that will WAKE ME UP and send me on a downward spiral of restlessness. It never fails. Just tonight I was awakened by my older sister(who by the way, does not live with us anymore) because they came to change cars and she wanted a package deal of getting some of her stuff from the guest room. So when she calls at 12 midnight who does the call get shunted to(even though the one who answered was my older brother)? Yup, me. That’s not even the end of it. Minutes into her “visit” who would happen to call but my dad asking me to be ready for their arrival. Ah, you see where this is going, I guess? So here I am, FULLY awake and pissed. I truly wish that SOMEDAY they understand what happens when they wake me up. I’m not being demanding, I just want them to understand that this religious thing of theirs is THEIR choice, please don’t try to make your devotion detrimental(inadvertent as it may be) to the other members of your family who actually need sleep a little bit more because they barely get any sleep to begin with.

There are idiots, and there are idiots who deserve it.

My favorite type of idiot who deserves it would be the overconfident idiot who can’t back it up. Especially in the group I hang out with. You won’t survive if you don’t have the skills.

Trust me, if you’re going to talk smack about military strategies don’t talk smack in the presence of people who’ve researched about everything from pre-Roman to current. Do NOT talk smack about World War II.

And don’t talk about having “tactics you’ll never see coming” in a STATIC game. You haven’t even played the game. Play first, talk smack later.

I have an idea of how to do it.
I want people to bring something that will establish them not only as rushers but also their own person.

Basically going, “I’m a rusher but I’m also a >BLANK<”

In my case(this doesn’t mean that I’ll have my photo taken, I’m still a camphobe) it would be “I’m a rusher but I’m also a photographer.” or “I’m a rusher but I’m also a geek.” So what do YOU think?

My real hope is to get the photos on display somewhere and maybe have it as a photobook for Chico and Delle. Hehe, something for them to remember the rushers. I can dream, can’t I?

There are nights when I stay up ALL NIGHT.

This is one of them. I don’t like it. Bad for my health, bad for my mind.
I end up thinking on stuff I shouldn’t think about. I don’t know, your mind tends to wander when you have nothing to do. My mind just tends to wander on to the negative.

This week was comparatively negative. The worst part being that indecision is beginning to creep up on me again. EPIC FAIL on my part. There were bright spots that I talked about. Dark spots too.

I need to be more decisive. More positive, more forward but not TOO forward. It’s about the BALANCE.

That sucked.

Majorly. Stupid traffic.
Stupid stupid traffic.
Stupid blatant disregard by parents.
FAIL. Again.
This is what I get for trying to pick up the cudgels.
Trying to be responsible for something I don’t love.

Ah well. another day. Hopefully it’s better. But I KNOW it’s special.
Simply because.

Ok, my immediate family should STOP asking me to take photos that THEY want to send to my sister in Spain. Why? Because I want nothing to do with her. NOTHING. I swear, Ma, Pa, this your daughter who acted like a total ass(not to mention idiot) towards you guys and YOU’RE the ones trying to mend the connection?! Tell me again why that doesn’t sound RETARDED. And please, don’t give me crap about the catechizes of the world versus the catechizes of God. WHATEVER, there is still God’s wrath. I know I’m not God but let me have some entitlement here. And don’t get mad at me for being a little bit realistic here, I have no desire to be brought into whatever harebrained scheme you guys have for RECONCILIATION. I have no desire for it.