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Category Archives: Adventures

Henri Cartier-Bresson – revered master of the “decisive moment”

My idol, plain and simple. Far too many of my favorite photographs are his.

I need to take photos of LIFE again. I seriously need to stop taking photos of stuff that’s going to be there later. I’m just going to end up frustrated again when the fountain runs dry.

I’m inspired by life.
Simple enough statement, but I’m also proud to say that while I may make a bug deal about capturing life, I know how to enjoy it as well.

I love thinking about the stories.
Taking it to the streets lets me do that.

I need to go back.
I need to reach out to HCB again.


No comic run tonight, but foodie and PSP night will ensue.

My friends want to get me to HR6 or 7 ASAP.

A night of gaming, eats and talk.

What more do I need?

Long story short, I stayed far too long but I got three sketches and a siggy from James Jean.

Was it worth it? Heck yeah. Painful ankles and knees and all.

Percs against the world.

simple enough, recordings of impromptu percussion performances by yours truly using whatever is at hand.

It’s been a rough draft in my head for a while, the main thing holding it back was the loss of my hand held recorder. No matter, I’ve found a suitable replacement. Hopefully I can start on this project soon. My hands are a bit itchy.

Anyways, watch out for the first one, Hands vs the Ikea chair. Probably sometime next week.

Except that I was bored most of the week, so I ended up finishing two seasons of Dexter in like 3 days.

I was stuck at home for the most part except for Friday where I was running around Manila like a headless chicken(and enjoying every minute of it).

I had to relive memories of college. It was surreal walking into my old university after almost 5 years. It didn’t help that I got lost at once and almost walked into a ladies’ room 2 minutes into the experience.

Comics are coming in late lately, Saturday being the norm. I do not like this development.

Did some research on Photography stuff. Not at all bad. Chiaroscuro technique.

Tired the whole week.

I still postulate that moving 50 feet away would have saved us an hour at the least. You know who you are.

Hard as it will be on my wallet, I think I have to go back to watching movies nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Filipino, I love a good DVDrip as much as anyone but there’s really something different about the big screen.

I’m really excited about some of the movies that are coming out and these are movies that I can watch with my buddies. Big plus for me that GEEK movies are all the rage nowadays. G.I. Joe and Transformers are coming soon and UP and Harry Potter too. Inglourious Bastards and The Expendables is looking great.

So yeah, anybody wanna join me?

Okay, I’ve got to canvas for a lappie and I have badminton later.

That’s about it. I also have stuff to do at home so we’ll see. At least I’ve been able to upload stuff on my tumblr recently.

Need to get another racket. Wooot!

Join me on a Scavenger hunt across Manila called “Off the Radar”.

Yeap, pathetic as it sounds, A SCAVENGER HUNT.
Not of things, of photos and moments.

I’m not out to alienate the film users but for this one I’m going for DIGITAL CAMERAS ONLY.

I plan to upload the photos onto a blog at the end of the day. No, not an easy feat with film.

Any suggeestion? Leave comments, I look forward to them.

I’ve got a friend whose dad is in need of blood.

B+ is preferred but any type is fine for the swap.
If you want to give blood go to Manila Doctor’s Hospital over at UN avenue
Room 918, Patient’s name: Dr. William Lee

I didn’t get to give blood since I’m a bit stressed right now and my BP went all the way to 130/90. Darn payroll cut off was today so it’s hellweek once again. Actually, all four of us who went at the time didn’t get to give blood for various reasons.

Self explanatory. Should be a nice film. Tell all o’ you guys about it when I get back. Watching the last full show, on a Tuesday. Should be interesting.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in another Disney Family movie. Hehehe!