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Not to bash, but it was a failed experiment.

I admit to having fun, I admit to enjoying the freedom it gave me. The ten rules are simple, there are no real rules. Just live fast, live hard, go strong, be active, be spontaneous.


I didn’t like the fact that it was too… free and loose and didn’t inspire anyone to IMPROVE. I found myself going back to normal photography conventions more and more. It felt wrong at first but I just kept integrating back into photography while using the tools of Lomo. In the end, it was just photography.

It was great when I was haggard but in the end I couldn’t accept the death ratio. Having a 20% keeper percentage was brutal but it was also the norm. I just didn’t enjoy that.

I knew I enjoyed taking photos with film, I knew I loved the unpredictability of my Holga, I knew that I wanted to get better, I knew that I could be creative without being wasteful.

So I stopped Lomo.

I’m grateful for the experience because I learned to stop being so uptight.
BUT, in the end, I learned that a well thought out shot, capturing the moment while being of sound composition and sound impact will make me feel better than going for the random thrill.


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