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Into 1984. George Orwell.

Yeap, written in the late ’40s it describes a dystopian world where “Big Brother” is watching.

26 years later, we live in a world where Big Brother doesn’t even need to set the cameras on us, WE’RE the ones going into view. Info overload is happening and we’re facilitating it. Sure, this is a bit of a prickly topic for me because even though I have a blog and a tumblr and a twitter and a facebook and a dA account and will soon have my own website I still prefer being a bit under the radar, that way I can still surprise people sometimes.

The difference here is CHOICE.

I believe that this is a great thing that’s happening. My only issue is when we give up control of what is seen out there. Losing that  choice is when this will become a bad thing.

Being far more open on the internet has pretty much allowed me to meet people I never thought I’d meet.
For that I’m grateful.


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