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I am not amused.

Neither am I famous. Nor popular. Nor am I deserving of such a dubious honor.

I guess my only real consolation is that as soon as I find you, I’ll catch you and we will have a long talking to.

Keeping my cool right now is a little hard. There is no reason any SANE person would pose as me. What are you trying to do? Get geeks to add you?

Please, that’s pathetic.



  1. zounds! using your real name or your handle? hehe you can have the account closed down man. that sucks :|

    tisha heard your comment on the radio pala hehe. I know what you prefer haha.

  2. That sucks. I think there’s a way you can have Facebook delete/suspend that though. Check their contact us thing, maybe?

    Which reminds me, do you even have Facebook of your own? :P

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