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I’m in a flaming mood. Never a good thing. This is a sign of an impending low. Low meaning depression. I’m bi-polar, see. For the oldies, you call that manic-depressive. For most of the weekend I was manic. I even scared one of the most hyper people in the world. Not a good sign.

What’s worse is that the surest sign for the LOW for me is the second wind. I haven’t slept since Saturday night. I actually got sick Saturday night and I barely slept. About an hour of sleep.

Sunday night? I didn’t sleep. I had a few friends over and it was CRAZY. I swear to God. The worst part is that I assumed I would get to sleep because I was crazy tired with the swimming and all that crap but no. At around 5AM, I got my second wind.

People stay away, I’m in a mood I can’t control.


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