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Daily Archives: April 26th, 2009

Alesha Dixon’s song “Breathe slow” is a current favorite of mine. It’s something I need to learn. I need to take the time out. I need to cool it down.

Can’t forget to breathe slow
Count from one to ten

–> Yeah, take it slow. Relax. Don’t get ahead of yourself TReiz.

I love you too much it shows
All my emotions go
Out of control oh whoa whoa
Good for you bad for me
When I can hardly see
From the tears that flow oh whoa

–> This is killing me. I’m immensely obvious when I’m interested. I don’t lose control but I’m afraid to. It’s not a basless fear, never was.

Somebody better hold me back
You’re lucky I know how to act
(so lucky ain’t gonna attack)
I’m being calm and cool
But believe me you
It’s taking everything to just
Breathe breathe breathe…

–> Yeah, this is the sum of how I feel right now but the fight isn’t with anyone else, it’s with myself.