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Daily Archives: April 19th, 2009

Not that I want MORE inspiration. A man can only take so much. I feel like I’m not GOING AFTER my inspiration. I’ll be honest, after burning my way through almost two seasons of Chuck in less than 2 days, I’m still kinda high on the “If you really want something, GO FOR IT” and the whole geeky guy getting the girl thing. Don’t get me started on the Pete and Pete marathon.

I’m writing, oof, typing this in my room, half my body on the bed, half my body on the floor and all I’m thinking of right now is whether I want to leave the house for some “grand adventure” or just stay in my comfort zone.

From my point of view(which is about a foot off the floor) I can see an F&H bag with the Twilight books inside, blankie(don’t ask), two 2nd year class pictures, pencil box, 2 cellphones, DLSR, ex-HDD, wallet(really a cigarette case but it works), earphones, Djembe, bro’s guitar, 2 sets of Havaianas and other stuff, place is messy, but I like it.

I wonder if I should go with the boys. I missed out on another Rock Band night last Friday and I kinda want to get out of the house. Can somebody save me? LOL!

Let’s get the updates rolling. Multiply is half-dead, used mainly for mobile blogging. Tumblr is stable and on Day 21 posted. Twitter is more active than I would’ve guessed it to be. WordPress is undergoing evolution(again).