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Daily Archives: April 14th, 2009

I’m not a pet person. I actually hate mammals. I’m really a reptile person.
So yeah, my first REAL pet. A softshell turtle named Glutton.

He just died.

I saw him lying still in the aquarium. Picked him up to clean the container and he just didn’t move. Not even his eyes moved.

Okay, in true pathetic fashion, I cried. I’m also in a funk right now.

It may not be a biggie but it was important for me. This was the first time I took care of a life other than mine and it really gave me a sense of self.


This is a random test for friends, suggestions for the other people. Romantic stuff I’ve done or I want to do, along with some duds. WWTD? My friends would know which ones are ME. The other people should try it.

Order a Meatlover’s pizza but have the bacon removed ‘coz she hates it.

Surprise her at work with a late brunch ‘coz she’s been in a meeting all day.

Leaving a rose at her front door.

Slow dancing in the rain.

Slow dancing in public. (probably in Eastwood)

Cooking for her. Just because.

Visiting her at her parent’s house. Just because.

Holding her hand and introducing her to my buddies as my Girlfriend.

Hugging her. Just  because.

Inviting her to meet your parents before she brings it up.