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Daily Archives: April 11th, 2009

I’m hungry. I’m kinda manky right now. Not that pissed so I’ll survive. The bottom line is, I haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday.

I’m also kind of tired but I can’t sleep. I want to go upstairs and play DoTA against some AIs on the 3rd floor computer but I want to run monitor duty on Mousehunt since I got some free time.

This is frustrating, I had to get some stuff in the pantry and I saw the inevitable, 5 tins of SPAM. Spam, my favorite breakfast meat. I swear to God, if I was not possessing of a little bit of willpower, I would have eaten the Spam unheated. No bull.

Lessee, I’m also kinda getting a migraine on, lack of food and sleep does that to me. It’s involuntary so I’m just trying to distract myself on the internet so I don’t mind the pain TOO much.

I’m actually used to this crap, it happens every year and I’ve been doing it for about 20-21 years straight. I was actually baptized in one of these vigils. I was also baptized in a trash can(yes, you can confirm it with my parents and the priest who was there) since the actual baptismal fount we had kinda sprung a leak. We do child baptisms by immersion by the way.

Lucky that I didn’t get “encouraged” to do the monition for the second reading FOR THE THIRD TIME. I swear, I know that reading about the “Sacrifice of Isaac” back and forth already. Doink!

Check back tomorrow for some thoughts on the matter. Though I still rest my case, WE SHOULD HAVE A LIGHT BREAKFAST AFTER THE VIGIL THEN GO WILD WITH FOOD OVER AT BRAZIL BRAZIL LATER DURING THE NIGHT!!!

Alright people, enjoy Easter, LOCK IN!