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Daily Archives: April 8th, 2009

Some things I noticed just recently.

Girls think I have a thing for them because I either treat them well or “special”. Wake-up call, ladies, I treat EVERY ONE of my good friends well. That’s just how I am. If I were to crush on someone, my friends would instantly tell, that’s how different it is for people I’m attracted to.

Girls who’ve shot me down think that I still have feelings for them. Sorry to burst your bubble, NO. You SHOT. ME. DOWN. please don’t think I’m stupid enough to not get the picture. I KNOW I’m pathetic, but I’m not THAT pathetic.


I’m glad I actually have the chance to watch slumdog millionaire AND let my sister and her BF come with.

Slumdog is a movie really dealing with destiny and all that but I really want to watch it more just to feel a bit better about my day. It’s been really hectic and pretty bad to be honest. Been having some smaller mess-ups the past few days. The only problem with that is that the corrections have been pretty bad comparative to the “normal” talking tos my parents give. I guess the stress of the family’s situation is finally getting to them.

I hate what’s happening to my family right now. My older sister is going crazy. It’s just a replay of what happened a few years ago. Let’s just say that the bullshit is moving pretty pretty fast.

I hate being in the center of crap. I don’t care about how bad it is. It’s still crap. Dammit, I wanna get out of this, I don’t care if it was the fucking medicine that got my sister this way but I have to say that I have had enough of it. It’s nearing Easter and I need to get my ass into gear.

Speaking of Easter, I’ve got a vigil from 12AM-6AM on Easter Sunday. Anybody wanna join? If you wanna join you’re gonna have to fast from Friday after lunch until Sunday Breakfast. Anybody wanna join? I thought not…